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SOPA: Twitter Weighs In On GOP Debate

As we reported earlier, all four candidates in last night’s GOP debate in South Carolina stated their opposition to SOPA. Ron Paul pointed out that he had always been against it and waiting for the others to catch up. Newt said he ‘favors freedom’. Romney agreed. Santorum doesn’t like SOPA, as is, but still thinks that government should regulate the …

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SOPA: GOP Candidates All Agree

Last night’s CNN debate in South Carolina found all four remaining GOP candidates in harmony on one issue at least. They all feel that SOPA is overreaching and needs to be rethought. Newt Gingrich answered the SOPA question first, saying, “I favor freedom.” He said that there are already tools and avenues of recourse in place to allow copyright holders …

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Facebook Co-Sponsors Next GOP Debate

With the Iowa Republican Caucus in the record books – and Michelle Bachmann’s campaign in the history books – the nation sets its sights on the New Hampshire Republican Primary on January 10. Will Mitt Romney keep his 25% momentum rolling? Right now he actually polls at 47%, more than double his nearest rival. Will flavor-of-the-week Rick Santorum still be …

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