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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Comedy Pilot Picked Up by CBS

Famed Hollywood heart-throbs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon aren’t just acting in front of the cameras these days. They’ve taken on the role of screenwriters behind the scenes as well. After the Oscar-winning success of their first collaborative effort, “Good Will …

Tebow Trade Rumors Persist; Peyton Manning Officially A Bronco
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With the recent imminent deal between Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the sports world has been flooded with speculation and rumors as to what the team will do with their current quarterback, Tim Tebow. Now that the announcement has …

Denver Broncos Finalizing Deal With Peyton Manning

In a sudden–rather shocking–move by Peyton Manning, it was announced yesterday that he had finally made his choice of teams and will be playing for the Denver Broncos next season. Now Manning and Denver are working out the details of …

Microsoft And LG Sign Patent Licensing Agreement Microsoft And LG Sign Patent Licensing Agreement

Microsoft and LG have announced today that they have entered into a patent license agreement covering LG’s Android and Chrome OS devices. This agreement expands upon a previous agreement between the two companies, and is one of ten similar deals …

iPhone 5 Rumor: Sprint Paid $20 Billion For Exclusive Release iPhone 5 Rumor: Sprint Paid $20 Billion For Exclusive Release
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There have been some whopping iPhone 5 related rumors the past few months, but if this turns out to be true it will dwarf them all. According to BRG.com, a source has confirmed that Sprint will purchase $20 billion worth …

Pandora Bringing Music Stream To Facebook

Pandora and Facebook will be deeply integrated according to an announcement at the F8 Developer Conference today.  using Facebook’s new Open Graph protocol, Pandora  will stream music directly onto the social networker from bands that fans have "liked” using Facebook buttons placed on other web sites. Users can also see what kind of music their friends are "liking" as well.

Murdoch Takes Back Free News Deal


Give Facebook Real Money So You Can Give Friends Fake Money

Facebook is really stretching the boundaries of a lot of things lately. The newest ‘deal’ they are offering their users is, how do I sayfacebook2 this, pretty stupid.

YouTube and Disney Cut Deal For Clips/Ads

Google seems to be going back and forth over the video advertising business lately.

Yahoo Back To Bargaining With Microsoft

In 1974, Sam Peckinpah directed the film Bring Me the head of Alfredo Garcia, the story of a bounty hunter who set out to avenge family dishonor (through rape and abandonment) by bringing back the aforementioned anatomical appendage.

Microsoft Opens Up To Open Standards

On hold and accutely aware of how annoying classical hold music interspersed with recorded voice is after the first couple of times. Mr. Broken Record tells me to have my passcode and conference leader’s name available…as far as I know, my conference leader is Steve Ballmer.  

Is Plaxo getting bought or what?

The consensus seems to be the company is for sale. The latest question concerns Facebook possibly buying them.