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Newfoundland Whale Stinks Up Canadian Town

A whale recently washed up on the shore of Trout River, Newfoundland and is causing a stink, literally. The whale carcass has been decomposing for some time and the smell is becoming unbearable for residents. The large blue whale carcass is 81 feet long and is growing larger every day as internal gases build up inside its body. The carcass …

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Exploding Gassy Whale Shoots Guts Onshore

On Faroe Islands, a set of islands between Norway and Iceland, two dead sperm whales washed onshore. According to the Faroese Broadcasting Corporation, after two days, a marine biologist by the name of Bjarni Mikkelse was called upon to remove one of the whale’s skeleton for a local museum. Although it is very likely that Mikkelse is an adept marine …

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