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Evil Stick, The Demonic Dollar Store Toy

There’s nothing like a wonderful stroll to your daily dollar store and picking up some economy class toys for your loved ones. So who would have thought that among the libraries of cheap molds and Chloe knock off Barbies that evil was afoot? It was. In Dayton, Ohio, a mother out purchasing a toy wand called ‘EVIL STICK’ for her …

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Dayton Hospital Shooting Leaves One Injured

A former housekeeping employee of a Dayton, Ohio Veterans Affairs hospital brought a gun into the facility and was involved in a break room scuffle, which left a present VA employee with a gunshot wound to the ankle. The suspected shooter was then apprehended shortly after visiting another area hospital seeking psychiatric assistance, Neil Moore, 59, was taken into custody …

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Dayton Hospital Shooting Injures 1, Suspect Arrested

The suspect in a Dayton, OH shooting that injured 1 has been identified as Neil Moore and is in policy custody. The shooting took place Monday afternoon at a Veterans Affairs hospital. According to Dayton spokesman Bryan Taulbee, the shooter had no accomplices and was apprehended when he was later dropped off at another hospital by his sister. Dayton Police …

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