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‘Game of Thrones’ Director Backtracks on Pro-Piracy Remarks

In that was totally out of context news… David Petrarca, Game of Thrones, Big Love, and True Blood director, made headlines earlier for his apparently lax stance on piracy. Speaking at the Perth Writers Festival last weekend, Petrarca commented that piracy doesn’t matter to the overall success of the show and that shows like Game of Thrones survive on cultural …

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‘Game of Thrones’ Director: Piracy Doesn’t Hurt

UPDATE: He seems to have backtracked on these pro-piracy remarks. How pissed off is television director David Petrarca that many of the shows that he directs are pirated by millions? Not that much, really. In fact, Petrarca thinks that downloading is crucial to the survival of the types of shows he directs. Speaking at the Perth Writers Festival this past …

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