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Manchester United FC: Time To Face The Music

Burnley FC hosted Manchester United FC early Saturday morning. Two seasons ago, a match like this would have held but one predictable outcome for onlookers. Burnley, a side freshly promoted to the Barclay’s Premier League, would surely have been schooled at home by the formidable Red Devils. Instead, Manchester United’s match ended in a humiliating 0-0 draw. The result isn’t …

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David Moyes: What Went Wrong For The Chosen One?

Perhaps the biggest mark against the now fired David Moyes is that despite being labeled “The Chosen One”, it was never a job that he had chosen for himself. Moyes said of his appointment that he was called over to the residence of Sir Alex Ferguson and told that he had the manager position at Manchester United FC. It came …

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David Moyes Soon To Leave Manchester United?

With approximately three weeks to go in the Barclays Premier League, Manchester United FC finds itself in a strange new place: A mid-table position. Mid-table games lack the drama of either title-challenging teams or those teams fighting to stay in the league. As such, it often doesn’t matter how well or how poorly teams in the mid-table region play. Aside …

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