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$3 Million With A Blog

Earlier this week I wrote about certain A-listers hanging up their blogging uniforms, largely inspired by Newsweeks’ Dan Lyons and his blogging disillusionment moment. Many of our readers responded with their opinions on blogging, and now the original blogger, Dave Winer, offers his own rebuttal.

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Blogging Hits Crossroads: A-Listers Giving Up

An old colleague of mine used to joke he was one of millions whose job it was to “feed the internet.” This past November, an alumnus of a prestigious writing program in Louisville, Ky. told soon-to-be-alumni his blogging career was short-lived because, like a bad girlfriend, his blog constantly needed him.

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Commenting Through Disqus

If you aren’t a blogger you probably haven’t noticed this company named Disqus unless you really are paying attention when you leave a comment. But head over to Dave Winer’s blog, click on the comments, and if you leave a comment there, like I just did, you aren’t actually leaving it on Dave Winer’s blog. You’re using Disqus’s commenting service.

“So what?” you’re probably asking.

Well, there’s a few things that Disqus does.

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Blogs Beat The Times In Rankings

Once upon a time, two people made a bet over which of these two would rank higher for the top five news stories in 2007: blogs or the New York Times.

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Say Goodbye To Ye Olde Editorial Process

There may always be a place for paper. This isn’t about that – the likelihood that print is on the verge of extinction – but rather how a new generation of editors and writers present the news in a digital world. The new format for news – there must always be a standard eventually – is evolving, as dinosaurs wheeze and choke.

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Is 30 Too Old To Be A Web Visionary?

Ah, your Twenties – when your invincibility nearly reaches the heights of your arrogance. How I miss them, when I was certain any moment Oprah would call to recognize my brilliance, and my bedroom had a revolving door.

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The Blog Bell Tolls For Dave Winer

Winer saw all that he had made, and it was very goodWeblogs and RSS and podcasts were created. By 2006, Winer had finished his work, and so he rested.

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Overwhelmed with pitches, Dave, say it isnt so!

Dave Winer says he’s gonna give up his blog this year. That’s caused a lot of conversations here at SXSW. I’m still processing what that will mean for Dave. For me. For everyone.

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