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Google Redesigning Korean Search
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Though Google’s strategy with the search engine is “the simpler the better,” it seems that cultural demands placed on the search giant is forcing it to tweak the philosophy a bit in Korea.

Korea “To Play A Very Critical Role For Google”

Significant, important, decisive – these words are all pretty much synonyms, though they have different shades of meaning.  But Kannan Pashupathy, Google’s Director of International Engineering Operations, didn’t pick any of them when describing South Korea’s importance to the search engine giant.  Instead, he called the relationship “critical.”

Korea “To Play A Very Critical Role For Google”

Google Enjoying A Korean Boost

South Korea is one of the best-connected places in the world when it comes to Internet access, but until recently Google has been unable to connect in great numbers with its tech-savvy userbase.

Microsoft Pays Off Daum, Korea Still Probing

A $30 million settlement will see Lycos-purchaser Daum Communications of South Korea resolves antitrust accusations, but won’t stop Seoul investigators from checking claims of improper business tactics.

Daum Communications to buy Lycos

The top web site provider in South Korea, Daum Communications, is set to purchase Lycos, the US business of Spain’s Terra Lycos for $95 million.