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Jennifer Lawrence Enjoys Picnic Date

Fans of the popular Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, have been overjoyed with news that her relationship with Nicholas Hoult has rekindled. The young stars took a break from their relationship in January, but have recently gotten back together. Earlier this month, the couple was seen leaving a X-Men party in Montreal hosted by Hugh Jackman, and now the pair have …

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Porn Star Accepts Prom Invite From Minnesota Teen

When 18-year old Minnesota high school student Michael Stone realized that just about every girl in his class had a prom date already, he decided to pursue other avenues to find an escort; he took to Twitter. But he wasn’t after just any old girl. He figured if he had no luck at school, he might as well try to …

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Firefox 4 Available a Day Prior To Official Release

Hot on the heels of the Internet Explorer 9 release, Firefox 4 is officially releasing tomorrow (March 22nd). However, for those who can’t wait another minute, the unofficial download is available. As with things of this nature, WebProNews doesn’t condone unauthorized downloading, and so on and so forth. It was discovered that the final release for Firefox 4 was up …

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