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The Database Security Checklist

Database security can jeopardize your network security. The security administration of your RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), needs to be focused on preventing the unauthorized use of your company or business information by criminals.

The Self-Taught DBA

You can’t go to college to become a DBA. Sure, you can take some basic classes on database theory and design, and maybe even a couple classes on specific databases, but there is no comprehensive college program you can take to become a DBA.

Build a Servlet-based Application That Executes SQL Statements Against a Database

This tutorial shows how to use a Java servlet, a JavaServer Page (JSP), and a static Java class to create an application that can be used to interactively execute any standard SQL statement against a database that’s running on a server. You can use an application like this one to work with a database as you’re developing an application. In this article, this application will be referred to as the SQL Gateway application.

Using Your Database To Do the Work

A lot of people have asked me “what can I do to make the database work for me, instead of ColdFusion?”. The truth is that any veteran developer will tell you that making the database do the work, is the best practice in web development. I can think of a few different ways to make the database work for you. By this I mean telling the database to insert values, create tables and much more. In this tutorial I will show you the basics of how to make your database do the work for you! let’s begin.

The Top Ten Ezine Tips (For Building a Strong Opt-in email Database)

1. Quality vs. Quantity

Without question the most important aspect of any publication is the quality of it’s content. However, as number one on the Top Ten List you need to look at the quality of your subscribers. Is it better to have a database of 20,000 lousy prospects for your business or 2,000 top prospects? Without doubt – you’ll generate more income from the 2,000 then the 20,000. Stay away from free swap subscriber services – generate your leads only through quality opt-in websites through Joint Ventures and reciprocal exchanges.

Comparing database structures in MSSQL server

Many firms, developing client-server applications, have a lot of the databases, from developers DB to testers DB. Keeping DB in actual state can be automated easily only if there is centralized access to all of them and there are no developments on any of them. The last influences a lot of the DB structure because there is a possibility to break it while developing.

Deleting Records From Your Database

This tutorial will demonstrate how to delete records from the database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first thing you must understand is that delete is final (in other words, there’s no going back so backup your database before doing anything!)

Creating a Secure PHP Login Script
· 4

Explains how to create a secure PHP login script that will allow safe authentication. Features remember-me function using cookies, validates logins on each request to prevent session stealing.

How to Buy, Test and Use a Mailing List!

I just bought 2,500 leads from an opt*in mailing list vendor. They sell each record only twice, advertise a “penny per lead” guaranteed, have average 25% “bounce” so included an extra 1,000 names — 3,500 names for $25.00.

Dealing With Duplicate Data From Form Submissions

We’ve received several requests for a method of verifying data submitted with a web page form is unique. So I made a kit that can be used to implement such a method, and give it to you in this article.

Optimizing Dynamic Pages – Part I

You are the Widget Queen. You eat, breathe, and live widgets. You sell more widgets than anyone. You want to reach more widget customers, so you have decided to sell widgets on the web. You have spared no expense in designing and building the ultimate widget website. You have widget descriptions; you have widget specifications; you even have widget movies. The only thing your widget website does not have is visitors.

Using Java Data Objects

In a past article on XML Databinding, I showed
how you could work with Java objects and have them persist as XML files.

Auditing Your SQL Server Environment Part II – Reviewing your Role Membership

Over the last few years I have been a roving SQL Server DBA contractor and tended to work contacts in small and mid-size companies that involved organizing, documenting and then tuning/optimizing existing SQL Servers in those companies. I have noticed one very disturbing truth over the years; no one seems to document anything. In fact, I was usually thankful if I could find something or someone who knew the sa passwords on each SQL Server installation, let alone knew anything else about their setups.

SQL Server Startup Parameters

Every now and then we all have to reread something we may already know because frankly if you are like me, you can’t keep everything in your head. I tend to go back over tips and tricks and even database concepts when I have time so I will maybe remember enough about it so when a problem arises I at least know where to go look and find the answer. It is with, that I want to write about my latest re-education attempt.

A Simple Web Search Engine

Every user expects a search engine on any Web site they visit. Unfortunately, search engines are extremely complex to develop. They require massive amounts of resources and time to implement. Today I’ll show you how to use a MySQL (or any SQL database) to create your own basic search engine.

Build Your Permission Marketing Database

Hi Eran: You mention “target customer permissions” in your article and I’m just trying to understand this concept. Here’s an example: I buy my target lists from companies and use them to conduct direct marketing. (Large AS/400 companies).

Now, gathering customer permissions – is this the ability to obtain information about a direst mail respondent and to now add them to my marketing contact ‘mix’? – Do I need permission to add them to the mix?

Introduction to Relational Database Systems
· 1

If you collect and use any kind of data you probably have some kind of organizing system. Whether you use index cards, a filing cabinet, Excel spreadsheets, or some kind of database program, your system should let you add and change data, delete data, and retrieve data, and it should work faster and more efficiently than if you had to do it by hand.

Transact-SQL Programming – Sample Chapter 1

Transact-SQL, an extension to the SQL database programming language, is a powerful language offering many features–a wide variety of datatypes, temporary objects, system and extended stored procedures, scrollable cursors, conditional processing, transaction control, exception and error handling, and much more. We’ll introduce those features later in this chapter in the section “What is Transact-SQL?” Before getting to Transact-SQL specifics, however, we’ll provide some background information that will help you get a feel for the overall database environment in which Transact-SQL operates. After we explain the basic differences between ANSI SQL and Transact-SQL, we’ll jump back to more generalized topics. We’ll cover the genesis of the relational database model and its impact on SQL programming languages. We’ll talk a bit about normalizing data and introduce you to the idea of row-processing and set-processing information technology. We’ll spend a little time talking about the history of SQL Server in general. Finally, we’ll introduce many of the features of the Transact-SQL programming language itself.

SQL Errors 101

Many programmers hit a brick wall in their SQL queries, slowing development to a crawl and causing an over abundance of hair loss and coffee consumption. If you have been staring at the screen with a blank look and a pounding heart, wondering what you did to deserve this mess, you have come to the right place. In this article I will unveil the six most common SQL query errors and give you tips on stress prevention.

Eran Livneh Answers Software Marketing Questions

Working in the software market, one has to be acutely aware of the technology adoption cycle and its implications on company’s strategy at any given stage. B2B software marketing has been Eran’s area of expertise for over ten years, most of them spent in senior management positions with companies in this space. He now runs the MarketCapture consulting practice, helping software companies combine this kind of strategic awareness with hands-on approach to tactical execution of marketing programs.

Will the Real Database Leader Please Stand Up?

Though Oracle and IBM deny that MySQL, PostgreSQL or other open-source offerings are a threat to their enterprise business, they are still taking steps to re-emphasize their low-end offerings.