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Google Voice Added to Google Takeout

Google has added Google Voice to its menu of services that it lets you remove your data from – otherwise known as Google Takeout. Google Takeout itself was announced in June as an extension of the Data Liberation Front, which dubbed the service its “first revolutionary product”. “This means that all of the data associated with your Google Voice account, …

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Google Takeout: Get Data Out of Multiple Google Products

Google’s Data Liberation Front has announced the launch of Google Takeout, which it calls its “first revolutionary product”. Another way of putting it would be, a way to take your data out of more than one Google product at a time. At, users can already browse through Google’s list of products and see detailed instructions for each one about …

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Facebook Makes Three Big Announcements

Facebook made three major announcements today. These include: a way to download your Facebook info, a new dashboard for applications you use, and a new Groups feature. The theme each of these was presented under is that of giving users more control.

Download All Your Facebook Info in One File

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Google Wave Around Until the End of the Year

Google recently announced that it would be shutting down Google Wave, at least as a standalone project. The company has now released an update on that note.

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Google Gives Webmaster Advice for User-Generated Content Sites

Google has made some recommendations for "best practices" for sites that allow users to create their own sites. They give the examples of their own Google Sites and Blogger. So in other words, if you run some type of site that allows users to make their own pages, you may want to pay attention.

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Facebook Gets Double Dose of Legal Issues

Facebook is currently involved in a couple of separate lawsuits. One of them involves click fraud and the other involves data portability.

The Click Fraud Suit

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Facebook Links User Accounts with Gmail

Yesterday, Facebook went live as an OpenID relying party. This makes Facebook the largest one to date.

"This is the first iteration of the implementation," a Facebook spokesperson tells WebProNews. "To start, new users can now register for Facebook with their Gmail accounts, and existing users can link their Facebook accounts with any OpenID provider to connect with friends and eliminate the need for multiple sign-ins."

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Connecting Digg with Facebook

Back when Facebook Connect launched, Digg was among the names mentioned that would be utilizing the feature. Nothing has happened with that (at least publicly) until now. Digg has now gotten connected with Facebook Connect.

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Twitter Temporarily Disables OAuth for Security Reasons

Twitter recently released a product called "Sign in with Twitter," which is basically the social network’s answer to Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, etc.

It’s based on OAuth, but there’s a security problem with OAuth. In fact, Twitter and Yahoo have both disabled OAuth support temporarily. Biz Stone talks a little bit about it on the official Twitter Blog:

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Twitter’s Answer to Facebook Connect

Twitter recently released a product called "Sign in with Twitter," which is bascially the social network’s answer to Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, etc.

Sign in with Twitter is based on OAuth and lets users sign in to third-party sites using their Twitter accounts, much like Facebook Connect does with your Facebook account. Presumably you can now Tweet a link to an article without leaving the article page if it’s on a site that has sign in with Twitter enabled.

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Google Lets You Take Contacts With You

Google has begun implementing Portable Contacts, an open standard that aims to make it easier to access your contacts in a secure way when sites ask you to invite friends when you sign up.

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Google Launching Friend Connect API

At PubCon Matt Cutts just announced the launch of the Google Friend Connect API. It let’s you copy javascript and make your blog more social.

Editor’s note: How do you think the launch of the Google Friend Connect API will affect data portability? Share your thoughts. WebProNews anchor Abby Jonnson spoke with Cutts at the conference:

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Facebook Connects Users with iPhone Apps

Facebook Connect on the iPhoneOver the weekend, Facebook launched Facebook Connect for the iPhone and iPod Touch at SXSW. Developers area already taking advantage of Facebook Platform APIs to add social features to many iPhone applications.

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Data Portability and the Cloud

We’ve been hearing a lot these days about cloud computing and data portability. It only makes sense that we see some data portability through the cloud as well right?

Confused yet? Think services like Facebook Connect combined with Google Apps.

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59% of 100 Leading Retailers are on Facebook

Independent interactive marketing agency Rosetta released a study today that shows that 59% of 100 leading retailers have fan pages on Facebook. This is a testament to how social media is truly consuming the way businesses market themselves.

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What Will Data Portability Mean to Marketing?

Social media has changed and continues to change the way we communicate both professionally and casually. We talk and share things with our friends and family, and we market our businesses through networking with others and conversing with other professionals.

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Working Toward Activity Stream Standards

In San Francisco last night, Six Apart (who recently launched data portability initiative Motion) hosted a roundtable to discuss the future of activity stream standards. In attendance were people from Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Nokia, Plaxo, Comcast, and others.

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Six Apart Reveals the Laws of Motion

Six Apart, the company behind the popular Movable Type blogging platform recently introduced a free social application for use with that platform. Now, they have posted the "laws" of this application. Those are:

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Yahoo goes OpenSocial, Microsoft preaches data portability

Social media news is all the rage today, as Yahoo signed on with Google and MySpace for the OpenSocial initiative, while Microsoft and partners Facebook and Bebo tout contact data portability.

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Facebook Joins Data Portability Group

This is pretty big news, it seems to me, after all of the back-and-forth about data being trapped inside Facebook — the social-networking site has joined the Data Portability Group, along with Plaxo and Google, and will now be helping come up with a standard for moving personal data into and out of different networks.

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The Data Portability Issue Isn’t Going Away

So Robert Scoble has his account suspended by Facebook for using an automated script to harvest his contacts and their email addresses (see my previous post), and all hell breaks loose.

Scoble, whose account is later reinstated, is denounced for being a publicity-seeking limelight hog, and for using a script from Plaxo that is an egregious breach of Facebook’s terms of use (since it uses optical character recognition to grab email addresses, which the site keeps as image files).

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