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Verizon Phone Plan Gets Upgrade With “More Everything”

Feeling pressure from rival carriers T-Mobile and AT&T, Verizon announced a new “More Everything” plan that gives its customers, well, more of “everything” for their money. The new plan primarily benefits families and users who don’t consume as much data. Families who choose a plan containing over 10 gigabytes a month are rewarded with $20 off their monthly bill. Users …

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Verizon Spokesperson Unable to Explain Data Plan Changes

Verizon’s shift to tiered data plans and its killing off of its unlimited data plans has upset many subscribers, but it wasn’t unexpected. The major wireless providers in the U.S. have been shifting away from the unlimited data plans of the past for a while now. It’s clear why: smartphones have shifted phone usage away from voice calls toward messaging …

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Study: IPhone Users Hog All the Data

The Huffington Post is reporting a study that finds iPhone users comprise 80 percent of the top 10% of data users. The report comes from consulting firm Analysys Mason, who revealed that among the smartphone users that fall in the 70th percentile for data use, three times as many of them are iPhones than HTC, which is the second biggest …

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Number of European Smartphone Users Accessing News Continues to Grow

ComScore has announced some interesting new data about European Smartphone usage that shows a drastic change in the amount of news data being consumed. The data comes from the five leading markets in Europe including; France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Over 36% of smartphone users reported viewing news on their device via an app. or browser. This …

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