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Google Delays Opening Of Oklahoma Server Farm

Never mind vampires and zombies.  Here’s something even scarier: Google, the search giant with a market cap of $113 billion, might be applying the brakes in a big way due to our country’s financial situation.  The activation of a data center in Oklahoma is now supposed to take place sometime in 2010 instead of early next year.

Yahoo Pays $15M For Nebraska Building

Suppose you’re going to start a diet on Sunday.  That means a fill-the-trunk trip to the bakery is in order on Saturday, right?  So Yahoo seems to think, as word has come that it paid about $15 million for a space in La Vista, Nebraska.

Google To Create Sea Worthy Data Centers

Is Google in the Ocean Good or Bad?
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Google’s foray into the sea, which we discussed last week, is getting even more attention now courtesy of sites like Drudge Report and Digg.

Google Barges Into the Ocean
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Google’s quest for global domination organization is taking a step further as it moves out into the ocean. Yes, Google intends to have a presence not only in outer space, but in the sea as well.

Yahoo May Establish Data Center In Nebraska

La Vista is located near the eastern edge of Nebraska.  Its Wikipedia page makes it sound like a pleasant enough place, and if the implications of some recent reports are right, the city is about to get a big boost courtesy of Yahoo.

Pingdom Puts Google’s Data Centers On A Map

As numbers go, 36 isn’t a stunning one; some companies have locations numbering in the hundreds or thousands.  Still, Pingdom has tracked down three dozen of Google’s data centers and plotted them on a map worth seeing.

Google Eyes Land In Lithuania
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It’s only natural that companies would compete with each other to be "in vogue" – fashionable, popular, and so on.  But Microsoft and Google may be competing to be in vague, as word comes that Google could build a data center in Lithuania.

Yahoo Celebrates Environmentally Friendly Datacenter

As far as datacenters are concerned, Google and Microsoft have been in the spotlight for the past few months.  Yahoo’s not ignoring the subject, though, and did, in fact, recently open a datacenter of its own in Quincy, Washington.

DuPont Fabros, Datacenters, And Power Problems

Homeowners appreciate not having power lines all around them, and it turns out that the owners of datacenters feel the same way.  Only datacenters need a lot of energy, so in Northern Virginia, DuPont Fabros is kind of stuck.

Microsoft To Put Important Datacenter In Ireland

When Microsoft announced its desire to spend $500 million on a datacenter in Chicago, fellow WebProNews writer David Utter referred to that sum as “Monopoly money” in Microsoft’s eyes.  And now there’s word that Microsoft will plunk down another hotel – er, datacenter – in Ireland.

Google Sees Progress At Data Center Site

Google’s market cap is currently hovering around $177 billion, and although that sum can’t perform magic, it is a powerful motivator – construction on the search giant’s Lenoir, North Carolina facility is apparently moving along at a surprising pace.

Google Gets In Touch With Berkeley County
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The last time we heard about Google’s data center in South Carolina, there was a concern that the company hadn’t (yet) hired many locals.  Google’s now gone out of its way to make friends; on one website, Mountain View has even written, “Hello, Berkeley County!”