Dash Articles

Kanye West Wears Necklace Bearing Daughter’s Name

Kanye West has been spotted recently wearing a rather delicate gold necklace bearing the name of his and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West. ‘Nori’ is what the pendant on the necklace reads and Kim wears one that is identical to …

Yahoo Local Search Added To GPS Device

A new GPS manufacturer is the first to add an in-car local search engine to its features, and the umpteenth millionth company to issue a rotten press release. But let’s stick to the good news. Dash Navigation’s soon-to-be-released GPS device will feature Yahoo! Local search.

Dash Drives Yahoo Local To Cars

The Dash Electronics booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will have a dash of Yahoo in its product, thanks to their partnership on local search.

Giving Web 2.0 A Dash of Personality

When it comes to researching topics and reporting breaking news in the Web 2.0 world, one has to be careful to avoid falling into the trap of monotony. Sometimes, the news isn’t all that exciting, but it’s often the people associated with the story that makes all the difference.

Web OS and Changing User Expectations

Back in April when I wrote Rethinking the Web OS from a user’s point of view, I used a lot of words in my attempt to get across a simple point.

MeshForum 2006 – Anil Dash

Anil Dash from SixApart is speaking about blogs. First quote: “How many of you know what a blog is?”

Apple: 50 Percent Of Line Runs Intel

Amid all the excitement over Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ announcement of a new Mac mini and the iPod Hi-Fi, many missed one bit of news about Apple’s transition to Intel processors.

Site59 Launches 59th-Minute Dash Search Engine

Site59 writes a new page in travel history with today’s launch of the 59th-Minute Dash: a powerfully fast new search engine and results page that deliver the power of 50 searches in one.

Nigritude Ultramarine Stayer Winner Announced

With the first part of DarkBlue’s SEO challenge already decided, the optimization company announced the winner of the second stage of the challenge. The two-month competition had two stages in which winners could be declared.