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Time Warner Cable Expanding Network With Level 3 Communications

Time Warner Cable has been in the news for the past few weeks for all the wrong reasons. They were seen trying to get information on Google’s fiber network by posting notices asking for city employees to spy on Google employees. It’s also pretty obvious why their parent company – Time Warner – are not offering their channels to Google …

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Miss The Google Fiber Announcement? Watch It Now

We reported earlier today on Google’s bombshell announcement of cheap 1Gbps fiber internet for the folks of Kansas City, KS and MO. It was a pretty huge deal because Google is not only getting into the ISP business, but they’re also becoming a TV provider. You can peruse all the details from our original post, but know that Google Fiber …

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You Pay Far Too Much For Internet And That’s A Problem

The Internet has become a staple of modern communication. While some people use the Internet to watch funny cat videos on YouTube, it’s importance can not be understated for the millions of global citizens who use it to share important information about their world with others. The Internet can be credited with the success of the Arab Spring and the …

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