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Classmate: Suspect Was Offered After-School Help

The 14-year old boy who murdered his math teacher earlier this week was offered help by her on the day she died, a classmate says. Rania Rhaddaoui, 14, says that Philip Chism was doodling in class on Tuesday and that their teacher, Collen Ritzer, walked by and remarked on it. “I didn’t know you draw,” she reportedly said. She then …

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Colleen Ritzer Dead But Not Forgotten

Colleen Ritzer, the beloved math teacher whose body was found in the woods near where she taught, lives on through the students and community she touched. As details emerge about Philip Chism’s alleged involvement in the murder, focus has been given to the tragic loss of life. The intelligent, twenty-four-year-old Danvers High School teacher left encouraging messages through her Twitter …

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Danvers High School Murder: Details Emerge

Details have begun to emerge in the murder of a Massachusetts teacher, who went missing earlier this week. 24-year old Colleen Ritzer was found dead in a wooded area behind the school where she taught–Danvers High School–after she was reported missing by friends and family. Police searched the school on Tuesday night and found blood in the faculty bathroom before …

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