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Yahoo Gives Danny Sullivan Button Share

The portal company has offered an enhancement for Internet users, and it comes after some prompting from search engine expert Sullivan on his blog.

The Top SEO Myths, All Of It Hearsay
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If you do a Google search on SEO myths, you’ll bring in about half a million hits, all with an SEO expert of some form or another diligently listing the optimization misconceptions they run often encounter. They often disagree on certain points, but there are some common threads, which leads us here to a quick compilation of the more agreed upon SEO myths and how they are debunked.

A Front Row Seat For Google TV

Google’s foray into the television industry has been talked about since the Big G launched video search last year, and subsequently began working with TiVo last April. And now a recent Google job posting, several interesting domain registrations, and the GoogleNet buzz, which will allow pinpoint ad targeting, are evidencing a buildup to the next generation of television.

On Microsoft.com, Ain’t Life Weird?

OK, this is a little much. I’m on the home page of Microsoft.com right now. To prepare yesterday I went over and talked with the MSN Search folks …

Quality Matters

Danny’s fed up with the search engine index size wars, and proposes that the biggies duke it out on a more important front: relevancy (or relevance as we like to call it over here). He proposes that they all agree on some sort of standard test and to have an independent institute or consortium run the tests.

Searching For the Size of the Matter

Yahoo made a statement recently about having the biggest base of items to draw upon in the search world. This claim had been held by Google for quite a while and now Yahoo claims otherwise. Many of the voices in the search world say that size doesn’t matter, it’s all about relevance.

Feedster Introduces List of Top 500 Blogs
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With the exploding popularity of all things blogs, keeping track of which ones are the most popular can be difficult task. It’s been estimated that there are 30-80 thousand new blogs created daily, with 500-900 thousand* new posts being made as well. With this bulk of information being delivered daily, finding which blogs are considered popular, unless you have a list to guide you.

MSN Keywords Program To Launch In October

According to inside sources, Microsoft will announce that its new MSN Keywords program will begin beta invitation-only testing in October with 500 advertisers and search engine marketers. Similar to Google’s AdWords program, MSN Keywords will be based on a bidding system.

Yahoo Has A Mythical Sandbox As Well?

One of the bigger excuses reasons used by those who may not have the search engine presence they so desire is to blame something called a the sandbox effect.

Search Marketer Ian Turner Reported Found

The top story going around the blogospehere is that Ian Turner, a well-known and respected search marketer, has gone missing, dissapearing on the way home from last week’s WebMasterWorld Conference.

Googles Exciting Ride

Apparently, today is confirmation day for Google. After an impressively product week, results from two studies that were released today indicated what most people all ready know: Google is still king of the search engine heap.

Sex Still Popular With Search Engines

As the ability to search massive amounts of data on the Internet becomes more and more apart of our day to day living, it’s easy to see what search patterns the majority of users follow.

Google Maps 3D Images Available On Google Earth Demo
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A number of people have been receiving email invites to download a demo of Google’s upcoming mapping service, Google Earth. One of the bigger announcements concerning Google Earth was the introduction of 3 dimensional representations of different cities.

Danny Sullivan Addresses Google Sitemap Ping Concerns
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Since the launch of Google Sitemaps, search engine gurus far and wide have weighed in with their thoughts about Google’s “inclusion” program.

SEOmoz Invites You To Take SEO Quiz

Who is the most knowledgeable SEO whiz out there? Apparently Rand Fiskin was curious about this, so he developed a “tool” where SEO gurus can test their mettle.

My Google Portal Prediction Comes True

I’m not the type to toot my own horn all that often but sometimes it can be fun. Like when I make a prediction about the future business development path …

SEO Professional Style, From Danny Sullivan Himself

Danny Sullivan just wrote me this. OK, OK, Maryam, I’m coming, just one more post! Heh. Tried to post the below as comments, but the connection refused…

Danny Sullivan Throws Water on Tagging

Search guru Danny Sullivan is dubious that tagging will be the great savior for search.

Search Engines, Personal Info & Big Brother Paranoia

Wired is running an interesting story on what Search engines know about you, with choice quotes from Danny Sullivan and Daniel Brandt, him of the Brandt Rant fame…

A9 Ramps it up with Blog Search and More…

Gary Price adds a little more detail to Danny Sullivans earlier post on Amazon’s A9 OpenSearch features.

Google Bans Itself for Cloaking

The Google cloaking farce continues. As Danny reports, Google has indeed owned up to inadvertent cloaking…