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Lee Odden Reads A Lot Of SEM Blogs

His list of over 250 blogs either directly cover search engine marketing, or provide a look at companies that are essential to the SEM world.

Danny Said it Too!

For those who stuck their fingers in their ears and loudly sang “La, La, La, La, La” while reading my Why Does Time Magazine’s Choice of “You” Bother Me?, I bet you will get with the program because Danny Sullivan wrote about online user behavior too.

Reflections on Jason Calacanis Keynote

On Tuesday at SES Chicago, Danny Sullivan interviewed Jason Calacanis.

SES: Late Night With Danny Sullivan

The evening keynote at SES Chicago by the person most readily identified with the conference series, Danny Sullivan, looked at the future of search. WebProNews’ Chris Richardson frantically typed notes while a balky laptop battery ticked down to zero.

Danny’s New Empire

Danny Sullivan’s timing for announcing his new conference SMX during the Search Engine Strategies conference here in Chicago is as ballsy as it gets.

Danny Sullivan Says Goodbye

Danny Sullivan has posted a nice goodbye message over at Search Engine Watch. All of the contributors will be going with Danny and Elisabeth Osmeloski will continue as Managing Editor.

What Comes Next For Search Engine Watch?

Danny Sullivan had announced some time back that he will be starting a new SEO blog: Search Engine Land.

Danny’s Consistent Thread in Pubcon Keynote

It was a first for Pubcon. Andrew Goodman spoke there! True – but seriously, this is a review of Danny Sullivan’s keynote speech.

Danny Back With Search Engine Land

We all knew it. Danny could not have sat back for too long.

Danny Sullivan Moving to SearchEngineLand.com

Danny did a great job keynoting yesterday’s PubCon, and at the end, he announced where his new hope will be going forward.

PubCon: Danny Sullivan Speaks

Today’s keynote featured the lyrical stylings of Danny Sullivan, whose decade-long observation of the search engine industry has been a fixture of his blogging and conference sessions. WebProNews settled in for the story.

PubCon Las Vegas, Day One

Today marks the first day of PubCon Las Vegas 2006, and the event promises to help attendees "get the edge." The conference will run through Friday, and speakers will offer their insights on topics ranging from specific things like search and net marketing to "general webmastery."

News Search vs Social News

Danny Sullivan has posted a very interesting and THOROUGH description of how the Search Engine Watch Blog had two different stories get major play on Digg and Google News at the same time. This provided an opportunity for a comparison and it was interesting to read that Google News sent significantly more traffic than being on the home page of Digg.

Google Video Raises Iran’s Ire

Forget the much-hyped competition between Google and its corporate rivals. Microsoft and Yahoo may have deep pockets, but the search engine giant’s newest enemy may have nukes. The Iranian government has taken issue with a film on Google Video that apparently calls the nation’s borders into question.

Last Day Registration for PubCon Las Vegas!

So, you are going to PubCon next week, right?

A Look Ahead: SEW Minus Danny Sullivan

Search Engine Watch and Danny Sullivan have been synonymous in the minds of search professionals for several years. After November 30th, Sullivan will no longer post to the SEW blog. WebProNews asked a group of well-known search industry pros for their thoughts on the day after Sullivan files his last blog entry under the SEW brand.

Danny Sullivan Staying Involved Until The End Of 2007

Danny Sullivan has just revealed he will be involved with Search Engine Strategies until the end of 2007. He also plans some things of his own…

Danny Sullivan Staying With SES Through ’07

The Search Engine Strategies shows will continue to enjoy Danny Sullivan’s participation through 2007.

Coke Drops Ball On Assassination PR Spin
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That a labor union at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Columbia was accusing the company of hiring paramilitary groups to torture and assassinate union leaders is just an interesting side note; the real story, as circulated by those in this ecommerce industry, is how Coke turned the tides on its accusers with targeted keyword public relations.

Google Blog Titles Need Work

The Official Google Blog carries messages varying from discussions of Google’s legal affairs to recommendations on relaxation techniques. The way Googlers title their posts has some other bloggers wishing for a little more clarity for those titles.

Google Set To Steal Froogle’s Thunder

Google’s main search engine is soon going to take on some distinctly Froogle-ish characteristics.