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Google Calls ‘BS’ On Sunday Herald
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It was as much news to Google as it was to everybody else when UK-based Sunday Herald reported that the search giant had reached a financial agreement with several British newspapers to index their content for Google News.

Universal Search & Other Searchology Surprises

When Google yesterday invited a number of reporters to come down to Mountain View for an event they called Searchology, I figured they had something in the works.

I had to turn down the invitation because of other commitments, but we sent Enquiro’s Director of Technology and analytics blogger, Manoj Jasra down in my stead.

Searchology from Google

I just had a chance to watch part of the webcast of Google’s Searchology presentation with Marissa Meyer, Craig Silverstein and others.

Google, VW Become Partners In Crime

Google and Volkswagen have been pals for over a year, but that once-pure relationship appears to have recently devolved into a criminal partnership.  It turns out that the Volkswagen home page – which is powered by a Google Search Appliance, and was also recently featured in the Google Enterprise Blog – contains some hidden text.

Personalized Search Pollutants

I’ll start by saying Thank you Google, for the web history and personalized search idea – which is great in theory, but plain sucks in practice! At least for this searcher.

Google Improves Content Removal
Last week Yahoo announced they had improved the options for removing pages from their index.

Performics: Another Part Of The DoubleClick Deal

Google wants to buy DoubleClick, which owns Performics. Pending government approval of the deal, Google’s ownership of a large SEO firm with prominent brand-name clients has created some buzz.

Looking Back at SES NYC 2007

My favorite part of working at a Search Engine Strategies Conference is writing about the sights and sounds later. My experience is different from many of the stories told because I don’t attend private parties or stay out all night drinking (the proper term for both is “professional networking”, of course.)

Patel Presents “Search Engine Smackdown” Game

Bored? Be bored no more because we have created a video game that will keep you entertained and teach you about the search industry. Search Engine Smackdown is a fun game where you can be the Google founders (Larry & Sergey), Yahoo founders (Jerry & David), or Microsoft founders (Bill & Paul) and duke it out with each other in a wrestling ring with Danny Sullivan. Here are some screenshots:

Rashtchy Leaving Piper Jaffray

Danny’s reporting Safa Rashtchy’s announcement that he will be leaving his role as financial analyst for Piper Jaffray on June 30th. Here’s part of Safa’s announcement…

Why Topix Should’ve Saved its $1 Million

The WSJ’s Kevin Delaney, provides a broad overview of the issues web site owners face when switching their web site from one domain to another – usually via a 301 redirect. The story focuses on Topix.net…

Get StumbleUpon FeedFlare Working for Your Site

FeedBurner has an easy way of promoting a blog post though FeedFlare. FeedFlare simply adds a few social options to each post. You can choose to add a Digg link, del.icio.us link, ‘email this post’ option, share on Facebook and a few other handy choices. However, there are many more possibilities as you can create custom FeedFlares.

Google Targets TV Commercials

Danny Sullivan informs about a Wall Street Journal article, Google gains on goal of controlling and targeting TV commercials. WSJ reports, “Google Inc. has established a toehold in pursuing of one its next big ambitions: controlling which television ads viewers see and tailoring them to consumers’ interests.” 

The Mountain View, Calif., company honed the highly profitable Internet model of search advertising — that is, selling ads targeted directly at consumers based on the terms they enter into Web search engines. Last year, the eight-year-old company racked up more than $10 billion of revenue by brokering online ads for itself and its partners.

Believing Google’s Click Fraud Numbers

Today, Google finally came out with some solid numbers around the click fraud issue.

Managing Emerging Brands, Dealing with PR Fallout

It seems that 2007 brings us a “SEOs are teh devil” mantra from a multitude of newly crowned golden children of the web and to be perfectly honest it’s starting to annoy me.

No doubt the likes of Slashdot have already dealt with and got over the impact the SEO industry may or may not have on the operation of their site – having implemented procedures to deal with comment spam, crap submissions and the like, Slashdot is still doing fine.  So why are newer community driven big brand sites so anti-SEO?

MyBlogLog – A Honey pot for Spammers

There seem to be mixed feelings about MyBlogLog, the social networking service that Yahoo bought in January, and the one whose widget you can see in my sidebar, as well as the sidebars on lots of other blogs (it’s the one with a row of pictures of different readers who have visited my blog recently).

Daring Danny Duels with Diggers
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Yesterday, Danny Sullivan posted an interesting response to Jason Calacanis’ latest potshot at the search engine optimization industry. Basically, as he’s been prone to do in the past, Calacanis ripped SEO. He said that it was 90% snake oil salesmen and warned the Internet populace in general not to smoke the SEO crack. Then he got nasty…

Bush No Longer A Miserable Google Failure

The practice of people creating a multitude of links to President George Bush’s WhiteHouse.gov profile with the words ‘miserable failure’ as anchor text has been known as Google bombing. Now Google has made a change rendering that Google Bomb a dud.

Sullivan Interviews Techmeme’s Rivera

Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme Techmeme may be the singlemost significant news site I’ve found in the last five years. There is no single source on the internet that does a faster more relevant snapshot view of what is happening in the world of tech than Techmeme.

Google Checkout Promo A Cause For Concern?

Google Checkout appears to be branching out, and not everyone is happy about it. Google purists are annoyed that product information is taking up an increasing amount of space on the main results page; other observers are concerned that the search engine company is no longer being fair to competitors.

Google Offering Checkout-optimized Results

Google once more might have crossed the fine line between delivering the most neutral search results, and doing self-promotion in disfavor of such neutrality.

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