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Danny Sullivan Suggests Google Needs Scrutiny

In deconstructing the letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission by two US Senators, Danny hinted at other Google aspects the Senators should consider about the search giant’s business.

SMX Social Media: Hi, Linkbait Chum

At the SMX Social Media conference in New York City, panelists discussed the murky topic of social media sites, and how to draw traffic from them to your site.

Seven More Questions About SEO
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Rand Fishkin followed up his original ten questions (plus bonus) on SEO knowledge with the answers, and some new questions from Danny Sullivan for everyone’s perusal.

Sullivan, Berg, Spar On Sphinn

Just because a website can be optimized and marketed for prime search success doesn’t mean that it should.

Danny Sullivan Goes Digging With Sphinn

The search maven has launched a social community site with a Digg-ish feel and a search engine focus.

Privacy Group Slaps Google, Fans Slap Back

The blogosphere erupted over the weekend after Privacy International released a scathing (damning) report declaring Google the worst of the bunch at protecting privacy – well, they used words like "ambivalent" and even "hostile." But critics inside and outside of Google are calling the report unfair and poorly researched.

Questions For Semel, Schmidt, And Sullivan
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There are questions we would love to have answered from some of the top figures in the search industry: a pair of CEOs and the search world’s most respected pundit.

SMX: Danny Sullivan Strips For Matt Cutts
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The Search Marketing Expo opened in Seattle with a Q&A session with Google’s Matt Cutts; it seems Matt came back from his vacation with mischief on his mind.

Osmeloski Punches Out Of SEW

Search Engine Watch editor Elizabeth Osmeloski becomes the latest high-profile figure to announce a departure from the influential search news website.

Google Calls ‘BS’ On Sunday Herald
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It was as much news to Google as it was to everybody else when UK-based Sunday Herald reported that the search giant had reached a financial agreement with several British newspapers to index their content for Google News.

PubCon Las Vegas, SES Chicago To Collide

WebmasterWorld and Incisive Media will run their December conferences on the same dates, with potential speakers, sponsors, and attendees left with the decision of where to go.

PubCon, SES Chicago To Collide
PubCon, SES Chicago To Collide
PubCon, SES Chicago To Collide
Get StumbleUpon FeedFlare Working for Your Site

FeedBurner has an easy way of promoting a blog post though FeedFlare. FeedFlare simply adds a few social options to each post. You can choose to add a Digg link, del.icio.us link, ‘email this post’ option, share on Facebook and a few other handy choices. However, there are many more possibilities as you can create custom FeedFlares.

Cloaking Concerns Over WebmasterWorld

The issue of website cloaking bubbled to the surface of the search engine optimization world again, as a handful of noteworthy names debated the tactic and WebmasterWorld’s alleged use of it over time.

Google On Click Fraud
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Detected click fraud that must be refunded to advertisers occupies a minuscule bit of all the clicks on ads run by Google’s clients.

Let the click fraud debate begin again. Google has put a number to the click fraud it misses and must reimburse to its AdWords clients. It’s a teeny tiny number: 0.02 percent.

SEM is on The Verge of a Paradigm Shift

There’s been a lot of soul-searching that’s been going on in the world of SEM lately and it’s good for everybody. Some of this introspection has doubtless been stimulated by the comments of my boss, Dave Pasternack, when he noted that "SEO is Not Rocket Science," but as pointed out by others, including Danny Sullivan and Gord Hotchkiss, both the SEO and Paid Search components of what we call SEM are on the cusp of a paradigm change.

Daring Danny Duels with Diggers
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Yesterday, Danny Sullivan posted an interesting response to Jason Calacanis’ latest potshot at the search engine optimization industry. Basically, as he’s been prone to do in the past, Calacanis ripped SEO. He said that it was 90% snake oil salesmen and warned the Internet populace in general not to smoke the SEO crack. Then he got nasty…

Sullivan Slaps Calacanis On SEO Criticism

Calling 90 percent of the SEO industry “snake oil salesmen” riled up one famed search professional; Danny Sullivan has hit back hard at Jason Calacanis for his continued attacks on SEO.

Sullivan Interviews Techmeme’s Rivera

Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme Techmeme may be the singlemost significant news site I’ve found in the last five years. There is no single source on the internet that does a faster more relevant snapshot view of what is happening in the world of tech than Techmeme.

SES: Late Night With Danny Sullivan

The evening keynote at SES Chicago by the person most readily identified with the conference series, Danny Sullivan, looked at the future of search. WebProNews’ Chris Richardson frantically typed notes while a balky laptop battery ticked down to zero.

Sullivan’s New Conference: Search Marketing Expo

At SES Chicago, Danny Sullivan had a pleasant surprise for the audience.

Danny Sullivan Says Goodbye

Danny Sullivan has posted a nice goodbye message over at Search Engine Watch. All of the contributors will be going with Danny and Elisabeth Osmeloski will continue as Managing Editor.