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Daisy Coleman, Maryville Rape Victim, Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt
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Daisy Coleman, the teenager at the center of the Maryville rape case that swept the nation, has been hospitalized after attempting to end her own life for the third time. Coleman was allegedly bullied when she attended a party over …

Maryville Rape Case Appointed Special Prosecutor
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The rape of a 14-year old girl in Maryville, Missouri last year has divided a town and garnered both outrage and support for the victim online, and now a judge has appointed a special prosecutor to the case after the …

Maryville, Mo Rape Case Receives Special Prosecutor
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On January 8, 2012, 14 year old Daisy Coleman and her 13 year old friend, Paige Parkhurst, snuck out Daisy’s home, after consuming stolen alcohol, and went to a party thrown by high school football players. At said party, both …