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Older Dads Study Produces Interesting Results

A new study shows that men who wait until they are older to have children have a higher chance of having children with a psychiatric problem such as bipolar disorder, autism, or ADD. The study included more than 2.6 million Swedish men who were born between 1973-2001. The study showed that men who were older than 24 were much more …

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Tony Parker Will Be The Father To A Baby Boy

Tony Parker and his fiancee Axelle Francine have just announced that they have a baby boy on the way. This will be the first child that the couple have together. Tony Parker has been dating Francine, a French journalist, since 2011. Before he started dating Francine, Parker was married to actress Eva Longoria, which got both of them much recognition, …

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dad Might Be The Coolest Dad Ever

Ever wonder what Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad – George DiCaprio – looks like? Wonder no more: (image) Doesn’t he look awesome? It’s not just the looks either. Leo’s dad is also a comic book author and distributor. Now, he doesn’t work on any major releases. He works in the underground comic scene on series like Baloney Moccasins and Greaser Comics. Fun …

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Angry Dad Steps Over The line With Daughter’s Coach

Shelly S. Miller, father of a St. Stanislaus School girls basketball player stepped way over the line for punching his daughter’s assistant basketball coach, Jeffrey Yackus. The Michigan City Dad lost his cool when he found out his daughter and another player had gotten into an argument during a practice and had been given laps. Evidently, Miller approached the coach …

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Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook

In Albermarle, North Carolina, a fed-up father took his frustrations out on his daughter’s laptop after reading her Facebook page. On Wednesday, Tommy Jordan shot and killed his daughter Hannah’s laptop in a domestic tit-for-tat battle he and his 15-year-old decided to take online. The laptop ended up as the ultimate loser when Jordan emptied nine shots into it. The …

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