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Bombogenesis – The Latest Storm Wreaking Havoc

First was the Polar Vortex, and now Bombogenesis – the names are getting stranger, most likely to match the crazy storms that have been pounding the northeast. The post by Philadelphia meteorologist John Bolaris announced “Old Man Winter to Drop, Bombogenesis” is what some think got this newest storm term started. Bombogenesis also derived its name from another weather term, …

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Tropical Cyclone Phailin Prompts Mass Evacuation

Tropical Cyclone Phailin is gathering in the Bay of Bengal and will soon make landfall on India’s east coast. Preparations are underway to insure that the destruction from Phailin doesn’t compare to the disastrous Cyclone 05B, also known as the Odisha Cyclone, which made landfall in the same area, causing the loss of more than 10,000 lives on October 29, …

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Cyclone Phailin Menances India as Hundreds of Thousands Flee

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is forecasting that Cyclone Phailin with sustained wind speeds of up to 185 km per hour (115 mph) gushing to 200 km per hour would hit peninsular India on Saturday evening from 6.00 pm onwards. The category 5 cyclone, termed as Very Severe Cyclone Storm, will impact the coastal states of Odisha, Bengal and Andhra …

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