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Gina Rodriguez: On “Jane The Virgin” And Why She Won’t Play A Maid On TV

Gina Rodriguez’s leading role in Jane the Virgin has granted the 29-year-old actress a wonderful opportunity. Her role as Jane Villanueva will give viewers a look into Latino heritage and culture. At the same time, the show is said to avoid many of the stereotypes typically attributed to Latino roles on American television. When stripped of common stereotypes, what’s left …

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Veronica Mars Spin-off: Veronica Mars Goes Digital

With all of the success that the show had after the kickstarter campaign that launched the film, a new project has been launched with the Veronica Mars spin-off series. The upcoming Veronica Mars film has even been bringing in new fans, and old fans are all waiting in anticipation for the big release. After the film finally debuted its trailer …

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Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Is Out Now [Video]

Everyone is excited for the upcoming Veronica Mars film right? After ending seven years ago following a 3-season-run, Veronica Mars will return with a film that is sure to please all of its die hard fans. The show premiered in September of 2004, and aired on the UPN network for its final two years, picking up on the CW for …

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