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Amazon Partners With National Archives
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The National Archives and Records Administration has entered into an agreement with Amazon.com’s CustomFlix Labs to make historic films from the National Archives available for purchase on Amazon.

ABC News And CustomFlix Partner

ABC News has entered into an agreement with CustomFlix Labs, part of Amazon, to make its previously aired programming available for purchase on Amazon and ABCNews.com

Amazon, Microsoft Go To The Movies

Independent filmmakers got a leg up today as Amazon and Microsoft set off a joint venture called the 1,000 HD DVD Indies Project, designed to make it easier to produce and distribute movies in the HD DVD format.

Amazon Buys Brilliance Audio

Online retailer Amazon.com has purchased Brilliance Audio, the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the U.S.

Amazon says the acquisition will expand the number of books produced in the audio format giving customers a broader selection of audiobooks.

Amazon subsidiary CustomFlix now supports both standard CD and MP3-CD audiobook formats through its Disc on Demand service.