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How Not To Serve Your Customers Online

Verbal abuse, deceptive in-stock claims, high-pressure upselling, and attempts to charge a credit card when a customer posts negative feedback about a business comprise this primer on actions that could reflect poorly on one’s business.

Xbox 360 Buyers Really Windows Live Customers

Those who picked up the Xbox 360 just after midnight on its launch date may be surprised to know Microsoft has convergence with Windows Live planned for Xbox Live.

Now that the smells of late night pizza and beer Xbox 360 gaming have been replaced with the aroma of roasting turkeys, it’s a good time to recount Bill Gates comments pre-launch about the future of the platform.

5 Simple Tips For Dealing With Nasty Customers

If you’ve been in business very long, you’ve likely heard it all!

TypePad Customers Get an Offer That’s Hard to Refuse

As many TypePad users know, the hosted blog service has been a literal nightmare to use in recent months.

Free Shipping Gives Customers Gas

During the holiday season, more online retailers are offering free shipping to attract customers by way of offsetting gas prices. Though free shopping may squeeze profit margins a bit, four out of five shoppers say free shipping can be the deciding factor on where to buy their stocking stuffers.

Identify, Acquire, and Retain Customers with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a way to identify, acquire, and retain customers, a business greatest asset.

The Ultimate Business Model – Creating Residual Income Streams

Every successful business has understood and mastered one basic principle. That principle can be summed up in two words: Repeat Business.

eBay Wants Customers To Get It

Just in time for the holidays, online auctioneer eBay has made an intense marketing push to let people know where they can get “it.” What is it? It’s a domain name, WhatIs-It.com, for starters. And, it’s viral marketing, an area where we haven’t seen eBay play in before now.

Keeping Your Customers Through Loyalty Marketing

What exactly is the best-kept secret behind incredibly successful businesses? Is it keeping up with the trends? Having an excellent workforce that will make sure your company is working in tip top shape? Or having a loyal client base who will not only keep on going back to you whenever they need your products or services?

StarOffice 8 Ready For Massachusetts Customers

The forthcoming release of version 8 will compete with Microsoft by being more compatible with Office formats while supporting the OpenDocument format.

World of Warcraft Cracks 4 Million Customers WorldWide

Think online gaming is huge? You have no idea. Blizzard Entertainment announced their “World of Warcraft” game passed the one million subscriber mark in North America and broke the four million subscriber mark world wide. That’s a lot of gamers. That’s also a lot of monthly income.

Verizon Keeps Wireless Customers Going Through Hurricane

Wireless customers in Florida whose service was disrupted by Hurricane Katrina are not totally out of luck. Verizon Wireless has dispatched network technician teams in the areas that were hit the hardest.

Spitzer Reforms AOL Customer Service

Consumer complaints driven by aggressive customer retention policies will cost AOL more than just canceled subscriptions.

Know Your Customers Customer

In financial year 2003-4 Air bus started a new advertising campaign. In an industry, like aircraft, so much matured, there was a tendency in aircraft producers to target the big and medium airlines and governments of countries for their big contract running in billion of dollar.

Leveraging CRM Insights to Improve Demand Generation Effectiveness

Nearly 30 years have passed since Ted Leavitt, a noted Harvard Business School professor, extolled the virtues of focusing on customers as fundamental to building and growing profitable businesses in his book, The Marketing Imagination.

Filtering Out MSN’s Filter

MSN Filter sure is getting some people upset (hi Ross Mayfield). Personally I wanted to give MSN Filter a few weeks before giving my opinion, but Ross goaded me into it.

Turning Visitors Into Customers SES

One of the oldest questions in sales is how to convert visitors into buyers. This question applies to any type of business, whether a car dealer or an ad agency or a great online store with some really groovy products. Chris Richardson attended the session and did a few conversions of his own.

MSN Blogs Against it’s Customers
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Honestly, I couldn’t give a crap about MSN. Anyone who blogs there, or reads them, doesn’t know the whole story.

Shopping Man-itized: Fashion Search Engine Sizes Up Customers

Men (and women, I suppose), your shopping experience has just been streamlined. Intellifit Corporation launched a pilot program in six malls around the country utilizing search and body scanning technology to size up customers and locate clothing for them.

Making Customer Satisfaction Surveys Work

Why bother?

Good customer service is the life blood of any business. Although new customers are important good customer service will help generate customer loyalty and repeat business.

Website Conversion: Meet Your New Sales Rep

Website conversion is a methodology designed to improve your website visitors’ experiences on your website and, in so doing, generate desired results for your company.