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Stay Visible to Customers with Friendly Favicons

I’ve heard the phrase “sticky website” creeping back into the oral arsenal of search marketing practitioners and webmasters lately (if it ever left).

Investing in Your Own Customers: a Neglected Skill

Most businesses spent time attracting customers to a product or service, trying to win their trust and then ending the whole process with a sale.

Choose Customer Words, Not Organization Words

An organizational structure that may work very well for your internal needs may not work at all well for your customers. Here’s why.

When The Customers ARE The Strategy

I attended the Business Marketing Association conference in San Jose, and had the chance to hear a great presentation by Justin Crotty, who is the VP of Channel Marketing for Ingram Micro, a $28 billion technology distributor (#72 on the Fortune 500 last year, for what it’s worth).

Oracle Appcasts

I talked about Oracle Podcasting in a previous post. They now have a more Applications oriented podcast available called Oracle Appcasts.

Building a Website That Will Attract Customers

So, what makes a good website? Well, the bottom line is “anything that gets in the way of what customers need is bad design however nice it looks”.

Marketers Out Of Touch With Customers

On the heels of the previous post, which has some saying “CRM is dead,” comes a very interesting article by Barney Beal.

Marketing Research: Know Your Customers

Having a competitive advantage over other businesses targeting the same market as yours is a basic, survival must:

Your Website is For Your Most Important Customers

Most websites suffer from over-ambition. They try to do too much with few resources. They think they can answer every question.

Microsoft Shares Buoyed Despite EU Woes

Intra-day trading on Microsoft lifted the stock price by 14 cents, but concerns raised by the European Commission over the forthcoming Vista operating system could prove troublesome.

Driving Consumer Confidence in Self-Service

We all know the frustration of poorly designed automated systems. You email customer service only to receive an automated response that doesn’t answer your question.

Have You Seen What Is Being Drop Shipped To Your Customers Lately?

Do you remember the last time you bought a product and you were unhappy with the quality of the product?

Customer Referrals and Your Sales Department

For the complex sale you need enthusiastic referrals to help you build your reputation, differentiate yourself, demonstrate your value proposition, shorten your sales cycle, and drive revenue.

Microsoft: too business oriented to get Web 2.0?

Kaliya, Identity Woman, says that to Microsoft we are just customers. “It seems to me that their language regarding those of us who use their stuff – customers. Individuals who buy stuff most notably not creators.”

Customer Focus: First Rule of Scientific Content Management

The science of content management begins with a deep understanding of your customer. The Web is more likely to push your customer away than to bring them closer.

PRWeb Says Journalists Are Lemmings

PRWeb CEO David McInnis in responding to my prior post about direct-to-consumer press release services is saying that there is nothing sacred or holy about journalism anymore.

Using Search Engines To Connect With New Local Customers

Local Search Marketing provides you, the business owner, with the most targeted and cost effective customer acquisition opportunity.

Customer-Focus: Getting to Truly Know Your Customers

Asking people directly what they think can confuse them and lead them to make poor choices. Giving them too much choice makes them choose less, and regret the choices they make.

Cybercrime: Protecting Your Customers

Businesses small and large have a growing concern over cybercrime, and for good reason.

Gawker Launches Blog for Disgruntled Customers

Look out retailers, Gawker Media has launched a new blog called…

Why Educated Consumers Are Better Customers

Educated Consumers. Not too long ago, a colleague asked me why we invest so heavily in consumer education.