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What To Do When Customers Complain

The ability to manage customers is one defining factor that separates your average worker from someone with management potential.

The Forrester Consumer Forum

As noted in the earlier posts, have been at the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago for the last couple of days. Here are links to the posts:

The Secret To Building Good Customer Relationships
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While it may be your first reaction to make new sales or pursue bigger clients, the truth of the matter is that you should be paying attention to your existing customers as well.

Problem Customers: Fire Them

Problem customers and clients plague every business large and small. You know who they are after they show their true nature.

Become a Thought Leader and Attract Customers

Would you like to be more visable and generate sales leads on a limited budget? Become a thought leader!

CRM: The Impending Sea Change

Bits, pieces. Bits, bytes. Things are afoot, all pointing to an increased ability for the customer to control his or her own destiny more effectively.

Location, Location, Location – Site vs. Customers

Another thing the web hosting company forgot to tell you An aspect overlooked by many site owners, and one that gets minimal coverage in web design or SEO articles etc, is the importance of server location to your site rankings, traffic and consequent success.

Voice Of The Customer And Focus Groups

The ‘Voice of the customer’ is a tool or process of gathering customer input about the proposed or existing services or products depending on the situation.

Verizon Replaces Fed Fee With House Money

Now that the Universal Service Fund has drawn to a close, Verizon Communications will impose a fee on new and existing digital subscriber line (DSL) customers.

Put Your Brand in the Customers’ Hands

Here are two interesting mobile phone developments that point to marketing opportunity.

Coupons and Customers: Blog Jam 2006

Eked out two more posts for Fast Company’s Blog Jam 2006 before it came to a close.

RSS – Creating A Direct Link To Your Customers

Due to the overwhelming amount of spam on the internet, many users are turning from traditional newsletter subscriptions to RSS feeds to get their information.

Determine The Lifetime Value Of Your Customer

Determining a customer’s lifetime value can reap big profits as you grow your business. However, if you are like just about all small business owners, you most likely have never determined the lifetime value of your customers and are thus forfeiting maximum income potential.

Don’t Treat All Your Customers the Same

Fruit trees provide a useful email marketing analogy. Like fruit trees, different types of customers need to be cultivated in different ways if they are to bear fruit.

Target Small Business Customers with Your Marketing

79 percent of small businesses shop online regularly, compared to 65 percent of online consumers, according to JupiterResearch.

Key Measures of Success for System Implementation Project Management

In all the years of managing projects from Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desk, Sales Quotation and Lead Tracking systems, and ERP Software, I have learned some key factors which, if always kept in check and balance, will lead you to project success.

Customers Are Demanding RSS

Broadband users are 3x more likely to use RSS feeds.

Consumer Mailings – Direct way to Keep in Touch with Customers

One of the best ways to remind your customer about you and what you do for them is to keep them on a consumer mailing list.

The Greatest Skill of the 21st Century

In an age when technology is everywhere, those who understand how technology works are easy to find. Those who understand how people work are much harder to find.

Craigslist Blocked By Cox Interactive

In case anyone may be wondering what a world without network neutrality may look like, it could resemble the “Server Not Found” pages seen by Cox Interactive customers trying to access the Craigslist classifieds site.

Waffling Vonage Sued Over IPO Pre-Sale

The plummet of VoIP service Vonage’s IPO has drawn a class action lawsuit from Atlanta-based law firm Motley Rice. It alleges the company and its underwriters violated federal securities laws by publishing a “false and misleading” prospectus.