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ChannelAdvisor Gets New Customers

ChannelAdvisor, a provider of ecommerce channel management solutions announced the addition of 30 new retail customers who have selected ShoppingAdvisor or SearchAdvisor to manage their paid search or comparison shopping engines.

Getting Customers With Google Coupons

Google is able do a lot of things for businesses, including telling potential customers how to reach them.  Granted, it won’t tell potential customers why they should go to (or contact) those businesses, but Jennifer Laycock’s recent article on Google Coupons can clear up even that issue.

80% of New Customers Believe They Found You

According to MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08, 80% of decision makers who made a technology purchase believe that they found the vendor – as opposed to the vendor targeting them.

Web Marketing and Customer Facing

Last week, I posted about how big-company marketers must influence other employees within their company to make the most of the new Internet marketing opportunities. But someone commented to me, "Well, not everyone must be influenced, right? I mean, not everyone is customer-facing." So it made me wonder just who is "customer-facing" in Web marketing?

Wireless Customers Keeping Their Mobiles Longer

People are keeping their cell phones longer. The average amount of time a person owns a cell phone has increased by 5 percent since fall of 2006, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 U.S. Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study.

The study found that people are keeping their mobile handsets for an average of 17.5 months, which is an increase from 16.6 since November of 2006. The increase in ownership is about equal among major hand set brands.

Google Apps Customers Get Over-Billed

Google may be great at finding things, but the company is apparently not so good at counting – some Google Apps Premier Edition customers were recently billed $500 for ten accounts, even though they held just one, two, or three accounts.

Which Social Technologies Will Target Your Customers

Many website owners know that their target market utilizes social technologies but few know to what extent and what technologies they should target. Forrester Research has helped by providing some insight into the minds of 10,000 online users within the report "Social Technographics®" released April 19th, 2007.

How Not To Give Your Software Away For Free

If you are a startup entrepreneur, at some point, you will need to make a decision regarding your business model.  Many software startups have a strategy to build early market traction by giving away their offering for free with some plan to monetize at a later date.  I’m not going to make a strong argument against this.  So, for purposes of this article, lets assume for a moment that as a software startup, you actually *want* to charge money for your software someday. 

SEO Spam Case Study

ShopFactory.com (by Steffan Klein & Michael Veith, according to the About page) is a system to help you create online shops.

Are You Overdelivering?

Unfortunately, not many business owners thoroughly consider, whether their customers are pleased with their products, as long as they are their customers.

Is the client satisfied or absolutely thrilled to be yours? This can be a great difference, right? That’s why it is important to ensure that you do anything to make your customers happy to ensure most of them become your repeat clients and bring more people to your business.

Why make customers happy?

Improve Your Site and Win More Customers

Most often, even successful websites can be improved to increase performance. Let alone their less successful brethren. How do you improve your already functioning website smartly?

Vista Express Upgrade Not On Schedule

There was only one decent reason to buy a PC in the months leading up to the launch of Windows Vista: the Express Upgrade program, which gave buyers of new PCs with Windows XP a free or cheap upgrade to Vista. The "Express" part of the upgrade is turning out to be a bit misleading for Dell customers, with the upgrades arriving on a first-come first-served basis in as many as 6-8 weeks, plus a website that’s experiencing nasty downtime, bugs, driver issues and other kinks.

SES London: Touching Your Local Customers

Local search marketing tactics need to consider the needs of the desired customer base, and where they might go to satisfy those needs.

How to Tell if Your Business is Really Good

It is so easy to dive deep into developing and promoting a website that sometimes the goals of the business get blurred, the aims you set your site are not considered, so you just keep on working just to get more visitors to your website. How do you know you are going the right way from the spot?

How really good is what you do?

Misspellings as Business Names

Nowadays, when choosing a business name, people often choose a name that also happens to be a derivative or a misspelling. How will your business domain be affected?

Why do you have a typo in your name?

Amazon Schools Customers on eCommerce

Recently, Amazon carried a ‘buy one, get one free’ promotion on DVD box sets for its customers. Due to a technical problem, however, customers were able to ‘get one free, get another free’ instead. After the fact, Amazon is looking to recoup those funds, which is rubbing customers the wrong way.

From the “Ways to Irritate Your Customer Base” school of online commerce, Amazon is poised to lecture business students regarding the finer points of customer service and building consumer trust.

Have a Clear Click Path

When people visit a website, they have their own goals for that. To reach the goal, they need to click on URLs to get to other pages and read text only to click further.

The Power Of Caring For Customers

I’ve been working in and around startups for most of my professional career. A topic that often comes up in startups I’m advising or considering an investment in is: “How will the big guys respond?”.

Open Up & Say Growth

Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

Decision-making Speed Matters to Customers

1:1 magazine had a piece about the importance of speed in winning customer loyalty.

Determining the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

“Lifetime value is expressed as the total dollar value of your average customer over the entire period that they’re likely to do business with you..” – Bob Serling