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New Survey Ranks Most Cursed-At Businesses

It’s nearly Christmas and retailers around the U.S. are undoubtedly suffering the verbal wrath of consumers who have put their holiday shopping off for too long. Retail, however, is not the only profession that has to deal with colorful language from customers. A new survey from market research firm Marchex has examined customer phone calls over the past two years, …

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Sprint Tanks in New Consumer Satisfaction Survey

With smartphone industry growth in North American now slowing, mobile providers in the U.S. are getting creative to scoop up the last few customers who have yet to sign up for mobile plans and to maintain their large subscriber bases. T-Mobile has been wildly successful at this in the past year, with its market share and subscriber base both growing …

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Galaxy Owners Now More Satisfied Than iPhone Owners, Shows Survey

For years, iPhone owners have been the most satisfied smartphone owners. Apple‘s “it just works” design philosophy and brilliant marketing consistently put the company at the top of satisfaction surveys. Now, however, it seems that Apple’s monopoly on smartphone satisfaction is cracking. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) today released the results of a new study on smartphone satisfaction. The …

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IPad Kills the Competition in Customer Satisfaction

In a new survey, ChangeWave Research finds that iPad owners are twice as likely to be satisfied with their tablet purchase than those that bought a competing brand. The survey compares the New iPad, the iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, and a catch-all category for all other tablets on the market. The winner was clearly the New …

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Amazon Beats Netflix in Customer Satisfaction

As retail giant Amazon further expands into the realm of streaming media and impending original content, a new ForeSee report on customer satisfaction shows that the company has exceeded Netflix. The report surveyed roughly 21,000 repsondents who patron the top 100 retail sites on the web, including merchants of apparel, books, music and video, computers and electronics, mass merchants, home …

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J.D. Power and Associates Awards iPhone

J. D. Power and Associated has given the coveted Highest customer satisfaction rating to Apple’s iPhone for the seventh consecutive time. Battery life tends to be the deciding factor in whether or not a customer is satisfied with their smartphone performance. It ranked highest in the reason people were satisfied with the top performing phones and the biggest reason why …

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Amazon, Apple Enjoy Some Pretty High Customer Loyalty

People appear to be really happy with Apple’s iPad/iPhones/iEverythings while has kept customers plump with satisfaction with Kindle offerings (and the copious amounts of other Stuff you can buy from the site), according to the results of a new customer satisfaction survey. Satmetrix, a reputable customer loyalty fever-taker, released their 2012 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks report today that assesses …

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Amazon Wins at Online Customer Service, Everyone Piles On Netflix

Which company has the best online customer service? What about the worst? While the names will not surprise you, the level of satisfaction provided may very well. Findings from a recent study conducted by ForeSee, a “customer experience analytics firm,” aimed to measure which retailer offered the best and worst in regards to customer satisfaction during the 2011 holiday shopping …

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Apple Really Wants You to Use MobileMe

Apple may have scored big in customer satisfaction with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, but that doesn’t change the fact that customers haven’t been so pleased with its MobileMe syncing service.

The service has been nothing but headaches for all parties involved since its launch. Problems ranged from email access and downtime to even syncing itself.

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Score One for Apple!

Google of course won the eBusiness sector in the recently released American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). No surprise there.

Apple won in the personal computers category, which really isn’t all that shocking either.

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Consumers Happy With Search And Supermarkets

Supermarkets and search engines tops Harris Interactive’s consumer poll this year, which sought out what industries best served the needs of their customers. Tobacco and oil companies scored the worst, joining airlines, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance, and HMO’s as the biggest overall losers in the past 10 years.

Over the past ten years, just three of the 21 industries measured have seen a positive increase in customer satisfaction, and in the past year, just six did, according to Harris. Fourteen industries went down this year.

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