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AdSense Now Offers Site Target Options

Jennifer Slegg informs us that Google has added new custom targeting channels for AdSense publishers. The new option allows AdSense users to label different ad units on their site, and allows AdWords advertisers to see this units and select them for their ads.

New Google Custom Search Blog

Google has a new blog for the Google Custom Search Engine program. Always good to have more Google blogs. Get the feed.

Google Breaks Out Custom Search

Site publishers can use the Google Custom Search Engine to build the search engine of their dreams, drawing from specific sites and blogs, dressing it up to match the look and feel of the webmaster’s site, and making money with AdSense through its search results.

B2B: Know Your Roles

When providing services such as Search Marketing strategies to large B2B tech firms you will find that there are several levels of management to please (this is the case for many large corporations).

ASP.NET: How to Create Custom Trace Messages
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This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach’s ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.

Channel Your Way To AdSense Profits

Placing AdSense blocks on your site is just the first step to using them effectively; get the best information about their performance by using channels.

Custom Web Site Design or Website Templates – The Big Debate

A lot of custom web site designers are really critical of commercial website templates. I have seen snide comments on Forums and Blogs along the lines of ‘This site has template written all over it’.

Great Online Resources for Webmasters

As the web becomes increasingly more crowded, it is important for webmasters to take the extra step to make their web sites user friendly.

Eric Schmidt Goes To AOL

Looks like Google CEO Eric Schmidt is lecturing AOLers, now that Google owns a piece.

Easily Add Custom Search To Google Toolbar

Forget waiting for your favorite website to create a Google Toolbar button, Matt Cutts shows you how to make your own.

Fun with Technorati Charts

On his blog, Niall Kennedy shows us how to create custom Technorati charts.

Yahoo Snuffing Focus Groups

The portal company decided in September to do away with traditional focus groups for research, and switched to the use of “immersion groups” instead.

Yahoo Helps Pimp Your Ride

On Halloween, the portal company launched Yahoo Autos Custom, a beta site focused on car enthusiasts and their automobiles. Yahoo has had an Autos site for a while, where it helps users find more information on buying new cars.

Using a Custom Base Class for your ASP.NET Page’s Code-Behind Classes
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One of the many benefits of object-oriented programming is that it allows for reuse of logic. For example, classes can be created that contain a base level of functionality.

Custom Web Site Design Strategies

Web site design has certainly, in the past decade, evolved tremendously. More clients now are demanding custom design, as opposed to the ‘cookie cutter’ sites of yesteryear.

Wal-Mart Offers Custom Music CDs Online

The world’s largest retailer lets you put Los Lonely Boys and Double Trouble together on a disc, but questions about demand persist.

Moving C Structures into .NET with Custom Marshaling

In a world where legacy languages often prevail, we are reluctant to move away from them by reciting the well known mantra, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. This mantra only gets you so far, until your competitor takes advantage of the newer, faster, more efficient, and more maintainable technologies, and you are left in the dust with your “pristine-aint-broke” legacy code.

Search Engine Company Unveils Custom Topic Search
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Gigablast, an internet search engine corporation, unveiled its “Custom Topic Search” (CTS) tool.

Custom Tab Completion

I’m sure you already know about tab completion: type part of a command name and hit TAB and you get its matches. Leave a space and then hit TAB, and you get filenames. Wonderful stuff. But what if YOUR command wants user names instead of file names?

CyberGuard Develops a Custom Mobile Security Appliance

CyberGuard has developed a custom mobile security appliance – the sVPN or single virtual private network – for remote employees of a leading electronic commerce business.

The Secret of Custom Error Pages

Just about every website has a broken link here or there that no longer connects to the page specified in the URL.