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Cursing Toddler Video Shocks the Web
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If you have kids, you know all too well about how tough it can be to control your language sometimes. While most parents or caregivers are actively trying to watch their language so the little ones don’t pick up any …

New Survey Ranks Most Cursed-At Businesses New Survey Ranks Most Cursed-At Businesses

It’s nearly Christmas and retailers around the U.S. are undoubtedly suffering the verbal wrath of consumers who have put their holiday shopping off for too long. Retail, however, is not the only profession that has to deal with colorful language …

The World (Briefly) Sings The GMail Blues
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Whatever it was, it seems to have passed like a 24-hour stomach bug, and GMail, at least from this office, is working again. But GMail was, most definitely and desperately, broken, longer for some than others, curses raining down with all the pulled-out hair.