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A Roundup Of The Tahoe / Apprentice Ad Flap

The writing has been fast-and-furious over the weekend, with opinions flying on whether Chevy royally screwed the pooch with their current ad campaign for the Chevy Tahoe, a tie-in (somehow) with the TV show The Apprentice.

Memeorandum, my favorite memetracker…

Hey, Gabe, love the new design of Memeorandum! I guess that this proves that I actually do read it about 10 times a day.

Center For Citizen Media To Form

Dan Gillmor plans to establish a non-profit center to support grassroots citizen journalism in 2006, and will be affiliated with UC Berkeley and Harvard University.

Does Target Need a Blog?

Does Target need a blog? The short answer is Yes and No. A Customer Blog is Overkill for Target …

Google Offers An Additional 14.16 Million Shares

Google has filed a request with SEC regulators that would allow the search engine to sell 14.16 million shares of class A common stock. The filing was completed today (8-18-05).

Macromedia Piles Everything Into Studio 8

With Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Contribute, and FlashPaper inside, Studio 8 offers a comprehensive package for web developers.

Google, Gore And Current TV

Today saw the launch of CurrentTV, a hip new television network put spearheaded by former Vice-President and Senator Al Gore. So what does that have to do with the world of search? Well Google is right in the middle of the whole thing.

Al Gore, Google, Creating Current Television

In the vein of former Jon Stewart vehicle “Short Attention Span Theater,” Current TV will offer “short-format” content.

Google Getting Current With Broadband

Investments by the search engine company and two high-powered firms deliver $100 million to Current Communications Group.

Google Becomes World’s Biggest Media Company

Since Google has become a publicly traded company, their value has done nothing but increase. Since the first day of trading, Google’s stock has continued to increase in price and value.

Do your Blogging Goals Match Your Current Blogging Practices?

Jeremy has an interesting post over at Ensight where he looks at a recent downturn’ in blogging after some of the recent controversy over character blogs.

Profits Double for Microsoft

Microsoft’s profits nearly doubled in the last quarter compared to those of the year before.

Citizen TV, Democratizing the Tube

While participatory media is still arguably in its early stages, it’s hard to argue that enabling technologies like blogs and podcasts haven’t already delivered a swift back handed slap to the print and broadcast radio gatekeepers.

Rocket Takes Crew To Space Station to Relieve Current Crew

Yesterday a Russian rocket carrying a 3-man international crew was launched from Kazakhstan.

Google to Host Vlogs?

InternetWeek reports that Larry Page said today that the company will soon let the general public upload self-produced videos to Google’s servers, partly in an effort to learn more about how to more efficiently search and display information about video-based data.

U.S. Current Account Deficit to Correct Itself?

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan believes that the U.S. current account deficit will correct itself without causing major problems for the world’s biggest economy.


Chairman and CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina has been let go by the company over differences in business strategy.

India Gets Mandate for Pipeline Discussion

The mandate was given to India’s petroleum ministry to hold talks with other governments regarding cross-border gas pipelines.

Should You Renew With Your Current Host? – Your Website In The Year 2005

Sometime during this year the chances are you’re going to have to renew your hosting package. Can you be sure you’re still getting the best deal for your site?

What Makes a Design Seem ‘Intuitive’?

In a recent usability test, I once again witnessed something I’ve seen a hundred times before: a frustrated user claiming he knows exactly what is wrong with the interface he was fighting with. What was his suggestion? “These guys need to make this thing a lot more intuitive. The problem is that this program isn’t intuitive enough. It needs to be more intuitive!”

The Inadequacies of Current Copyright Laws

So bloggers are firmly among the guilty in the area of ignoring copyright: ” Bloggers, in general, have little respect for copyright laws and tend to snatch and grab anything out there as “theirs”.