Radiohead To Rock The Web Again

Radiohead To Rock The Web Again

By WebProNews Staff December 26, 2007

As a followup to their much-discussed pay what you like download plan for ‘In Rainbows’, Radiohead will play an hour-long concert on New Year’s Eve featuring the album and some other tunes.

McClatchy Expands Current Yahoo Deal

Some new dealings between newspaper publisher McClatchy and Yahoo will encompass advertising in their partnership; McClatchy had previously made a deal to share international reporting with Yahoo News.

Letting Amazon & eBay Work for You
Selling your stuff on either of those networks might be a good way to leverage their domain related trust to rank in the search results, but you can also use both of them to research what is worth selling or writing about, even if you do not sell on their networks. Since their research data is conversion oriented, in many verticals it is worth more than keywords from other sources.

eBay offers a Marketplace research service that costs $2 to $25 a month.

Google Gadget Stats
Niall Kennedy did earlier this month an exhaustive analysis of Google Gadgets, coming out with a lot of graphs, facts and figures that would make your head spin. If you’re a geek for infoporn, you’ll love his post on it.

AOL Challenges iPhone With Mobile Winamp
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AOL is set to launch a new mobile product next week that will allow users to connect to their PC-based music collections from their mobile phones. An extension of the hardly noticed Winamp Remote PC-to-PC media streaming service that launched earlier, the PC-to-mobile service, in effect, turns a mobile phone into a MP3 player.

Rumors of Google Phone

The “Google Phone” is a totally unverified but interesting rumor. Someone at a mobile phone forum claims he was exposed to information on a potential Google Phone via a paid-survey website. Garett Rogers has a copy of the screenshot and some of the specs this user saw. Garett quotes from the design specs which were visible on the screenshot:

Microsoft and Google – Different Approaches to Copyright

The Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild is none too happy with Google’s plan to indiscriminately scan, index, and allow the searching of millions of books from libraries the world over and Microsoft is capitalizing on this rare chink in Google’s armor.

Copyrighters are claiming infringement because Google is making advertising revenue from the results of book searches in the Google Book Search system. Here are all of Google’s arguments that I found:

Interview with Web Analyst Joel Collymore

Continuing my series of Interview with Analysts here is my interview with Joel Collymore. I will be out of the country for about 10 days so the next interview will be published when I am back – that is after 15th.

What is your current position and the name of the company you work for?

Interview with Web Analyst Thomas Carrillo

Continuing my series of Interview with Analysts, here is my interview with Thomas Carrillo.

What is your current position and the name of the company you work for?

Interview with Web Analyst Adam Berlinger

Continuing my series of Interview with Analysts, here is my interview with Adam Berlinger.

What is your current position and the name of the company you work for?

Web Metrics Analyst at Deloitte and Touche

How long have you been working in this field?

I have been working in Web Analytics field for a total of about 4-5 Years. I have been at my current job at Deloitte for 2 year.

Current Event Searching on Google and Yahoo

One of the folks over in Yahoo! Search sent me a pointer to Showing Yahoo Some Search Results Love which says, among other things:

As we’ve pointed out on several occasions at the Internet Marketing Monitor, Yahoo generally has much better results for searches based on current events.

And then:

Extending Google Office w/ Plug-in API

Wouldn’t it be neat if Google offered developers a way to write scripts to extend the functionality of Google Writely, Google Spreadsheets, Gmail and so on?

MapQuest Has Gas. Prices, That Is

Online driving direction and map finder MapQuest has added tools to help people find per-gallon prices that do the least damage to one’s bank account.

Flash Media on the Web
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With the advent of what appears to be a ‘media boom’ on the Internet, I think it’s time for a reminder about accessible media on the web.

Yahoo Deals With Current…

In a strange turn of events, Yahoo is launching a big effort with Current TV, which has until now partnered well with Google.

Yahoo Plugs In To Current TV

The Yahoo! Current Network launched today as Yahoo complements its marketing blitz with this new service announcement.

Google TV Ad Partner: Guess Who?

New domains registered by Google may indicate the company is a step closer to offering its AdWords clients the opportunity to place advertisements on television programs. We’re going to suggest the first network that will try them on its channel.