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Matching People With Organizational Culture

Matching individuals to organizations is a crucial part of success for any company. The match between people and the companies for which they work is determined by the kind of organizational culture that exists. The degree to which an organization’s values match the values of an individual who works for the company determines whether a person is a good match for a particular organization.

Google, The French, and World Domination; The Culture War Begins
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“[T]he Internet [is] the most recent and the most sinister facet of American cultural imperialism to emerge: the Internet is anchored in the United States; the vast majority of World Wide Web sites are based in the U.S and are in English; most software used to navigate the Internet is in English; and search engines are in English (Kim, 1998)”.

Social Software Makes It’s Way Towards Mass Culture

As someone who’s more into the ‘fusion cuisine’ side of new communication tools and channels rather than the theoretical/cerebral analysis side, I tend not to spend an extraordinary amount of time in digesting long essays and white papers about new media or social networks.

Blogs Fit The French Culture

When a Swede, or Scandinavian in general, feel unfairly treated by authorities, companies, life — many of us say: “This they wouldn’t have accepted in France.

Tom Foremski on Google and Yahoo Culture
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It’s interesting that Tom Foremski wrote this today–the day I got to meet him in person …

Design Matters in Our Visual Culture

First impressions often leave lasting impressions. Impressions also result in people’s perceptions. There goes that age-old debate — “Perception versus Reality.” I say that perception is someone’s impression of reality. And sometimes… no matter what is reality, you just can’t change people’s perception of a situation or thing.

Culture and Website Localization

With the rise in ownership of computers and internet usage growing daily, the internet is fast becoming the primary port of call for information, shopping and services. In addition, those computer and internet users are increasingly from non-English speaking countries. At the end of 2002, it was estimated that 32% of internet users were non-native English speakers. This figure is constantly rising. In response, businesses have quickly become aware of the benefits of website localization.

Company Culture Your Best Employment Branding

The signs are in – the employment trend in Singapore is picking up again. As the republic continue to do well economically and register better-than-expected growth, investors’ confident will climb and business will expand. Good news for job seekers, especially those who had just graduated and those who has been retrenched last year – companies are hiring again.

An Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Culture: Is It For You?

“As much as 80% of adult ‘success’ comes from EQ,” said Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence,” and he asserts the difference between a “good” leader and an “excellent” leader is 85-95% attributable to emotional intelligence.

CRM: Technology v Culture

CRM: It’s at the forefront of today’s business vocabulary and, according to Meridien Research, $6.7 billion was spent globally on Customer Relationship Management software in 2001. However, businesses are increasingly learning that technology and software alone cannot make a CRM system successful, and that communication, behaviour and culture are equally crucial factors in developing a successful CRM strategy.