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Matt Cutts on Google Announcement Timing
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Google has been accused of stealing the thunder of others on numerous occasions. The most recent example cited in a post from the VP of Marketing for Blekko is Google’s structured data product, which WebProNews covered here.

Oops: Cuil’s Product VP Gone
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Anyone still holding his breath for Cuil to beat Google might want to cheat a little and start breathing through the nose.  The search company’s product vice president, Louis Monier, has quit.

Cuil Traffic Cools Down
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Homeostasis in the search world has returned to normalcy and last week’s much-hyped potential Google competitor has slipped back into relative Internet obscurity in terms of traffic. That’s not a bad thing, really. Cuil’s servers needed a break.

Cuil Interest Shows Hunger For Search Competitor
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Cuil, the search engine launched at the beginning of the week with brassy fanfare and progressive decrescendo on Monday, still looks about the same on Friday. It’s faster, at least, without 50 million—seriously—queries hitting its categorized servers. The images are still a bit out of whack, the categories still odd, the results certainly alternative.

Cuil Crashes And Burns At Launch
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Crashing right after launch is, apparently, a startup rite of passage. If, however, you’ve touted your new search engine as a Google killer, you might want to make sure crashes can’t happen. Google never goes down, and quite simply, can’t be killed with overloaded servers.

Cuil Is A Pretty Cool Search Engine

Take a test drive of Cuil this morning; you will be surprised at what you find.

It has been a while since a new product has come out on the market in the search engine space that actually works well, and is actually fairly interesting in how they present data. Cuil was released to the public this morning, and it is truly something very cool.

Cuil Search Thinks Knowledge Is Cool
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The new search engine, named after an Irish word for knowledge, claims a bigger index and better relevance than competitors makes it a better search solution.