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Study Says 75% of All Blog Pings Are Spam

According to a study performed at UMBC eBiquity Research Group at the University of Maryland, nearly three out of every four pings to blog ping servers are from splogs – or what they’re calling spings!

Mark Cuban On Splogs And BlogSpot

The man behind the IceRocket blog search engine wrote in to clarify how they are dealing with spam blogs, and IceRocket’s stance on Google’s Blogger hosting service.

Cuban Proposes Turning Blogs Into Newsstands

NBA owner and spam blog crusader Mark Cuban sees an opportunity to turn content piracy into content profitability…possibly.

Google’s Blogger Appears To Be Full of Spam

One of the growing complaints surrounding the blogosphere is the ever-growing threat of blog spam. Blog-spam normally appears in two forms: comment spam and content spam. Comment spam is much like a email spam because it comes from outside sources and tries to trick people into click-thrus.

Cuban Smoking Out Blog Spam
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Broadcast.com founder turned billionaire basketball owner Mark Cuban wants to ban blog spam from his IceRocket search engine.

Spam Blogs Obscure Real Blogosphere

The total blogosphere has been doubling in size every five months or so for the past couple of years. That’s 80,000 new blogs set up everyday. IceRocket’s Mark Cuban questions in his blog, though, about how many of these blogs are legit and how to index them.

IceRocket to Become BlogScour

Looks like billionaire Mark Cuban and the folks at IceRocket have been paying attention to the Technorati debacle. They’re exchanging one odd name for anotherIceRocket will soon become BlogScour.

Podcasting, Hot or Not

I’ve dabbled a bit with podcasting early on when it wasn’t so easy to do, then dabbled some more since it’s become easier thanks to tools like Skype and Hot Recorder. Yet, I’ve not jumped on the podcasting bandwagon wholeheartedly and asked myself why.

60 Milion Podcast Listeners?

Billionare blogger/Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban warns podcasters that they’re likely to find themselves on the same trash heap of history that contains early streaming audio efforts like those created for pseudo.com, broadcast.com, eyada.com, and others that have faded from memory.

Blog from the Gut of Your Company

USA Today has a big story asking why CEOs aren’t blogging in droves. I think they are making a bigger deal out of this than is warranted.

The Era of Transparent Media Interviews

Up until now, the media interview has been a fairly closed process. Interviewer and interviewee connect via phone, face-to-face or email. There’s no way we can get in on the conversation.

Mark Cuban backs Search Engine IceRocket

Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, is backing a new Internet search engine called IceRocket. It’s mixing its own search technology with “metasearch” features.

Mamma.com Probed By SEC

Citing volatile trading, the SEC has launched an informal probe concerning the activity of Mamma.com’s stock. Stock prices for the Canadian-based search engine have quadrupled in the past month.