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Interview with CSS Cookbook Author

I recently had a chance to conduct an interview with Christopher Schmitt, author of the CSS Cookbook from O’Reilly, among other books.

Internet Explorer 7 CSS Changes

IE Blog has a detailed listing of the CSS Changes in the new Internet Explorer 7. Some of the notable points –

What New Browsers Mean For Developers And SEOs

You may or may not have heard that new releases are here or about to be here for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The Continuing Development of CSS as a Web Standard

Cascading style sheets were formally introduced by the W3C in 1997 and in the nine years since have made gradual progress to becoming a web standard.

Why You Should Care About Web Standards

You may have heard a lot lately about “Web standards.” I think it’s a good thing that web standards are getting more attention.

Web Developers Vs. Traditional Developers on CSS

In the year of 2006 it can be hard to avoid doing web development to some extent no matter what kind of developer you are.

Add variables to standard CSS stylesheets in ASP.NET
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After reading a post on The Cafes about the lack of dynamics in the CSS language, I found myself inspired to do something about it.

Uploading Files Like GMail Attachments
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Google’s GMail has a nice way of allowing you to add multiple attachments to an email.

Firefox, IE Cater To Developers

Whether a developer prefers the Firefox web browser, or Internet Explorer, both have options available to make them effective tools for building websites.

Developing That Web Style

Cascading Style Sheet standards compliance resided at the base of many complaints about Internet Explorer; its developers have made efforts to follow the standards better with IE 7, and for good reason as CSS can make a web developer’s life easier.

Microsoft Ships Internet Explorer 7 RC1

Microsoft made available the first release candidate version of Internet Explorer 7, which is expected to have its final release around the same time Windows Vista does.

IE7 Closer To CSS Compliance

Microsoft has the next version of its web browser ready for shipping, and the IE team detailed a number of changes and tweaks they have made to the browser to get it ready for debut.

Styling Text With CSS

Styling text with CSS is really simple. We can define colors, underline it, make it bold, define the font etc etc.

Cascading Stylesheets Advantages

1. The content is separated from the design

4 Steps To Success In Web Development

If you are planning to become a serious player in the webdesign world, you should now what to learn and discover. Heres a short list that gives you an overview of your needs.

An Objective Look at Table Based vs. CSS Based Design

Over the years there have been many great articles extolling the virtues of CSS based design and bemoaning table based design.

Tables – You Can Still Use Them in Web Design

Scarcely a week goes by without a post in a web design forum somewhere on the lines of ..”how do I do this in css” or “..how do I replace this table with css”.

Creating Tableless Sites – Why and Some Basics

In a time of web developers who just like to say that ‘Tables are Evil’ and can’t (or won’t) explain why, this article will attempt to give you some solid reasons that people create tableless designs.

Google Talk Smilies Roundup

If you’re running the latest “leaked” version of Google Talk, the one with chat avatars, then Customize Talk has a full list of the new features, including all the smilies/emoticons in this version.

CSS Link Specificity
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Love Hate is how I taught myself to remember the order. The acronym for the order (LVHA) just wasn’t terribly easy to remember on its own.

CSS Cursors – How To Use Them

One thing that CSS allows us to use for screen presentation are alternate cursors. This is not the idea of downloading or forcing a download of a cursor, as was done in the past (though that is possible as well), but instead, we use several built in concept cursors.