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Adolf Hitler: Dossier Reveals New Details on Dictator’s Secret Addiction to Crystal Meth

Adolf Hitler — the German dictator, who instigated World War II — allegedly had a secret addiction to crystal meth. According to the Daily Mail, U.S. military intelligence has compiled a 47-page wartime dossier containing information that suggests Hitler was …

Waitress in Oregon Receives Methamphetamine for Tip
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Most people have probably heard the saying, “If you can’t afford to leave a tip, then you can’t afford to go out to eat.” Apparently a couple in Oregon takes this saying to heart because even though they didn’t leave …

S. Korea Paper: North Has Meth, Hooker Problem
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So if you thought the fake phone factory was bad enough, let alone the appeal to defectors, you may have to do a double-take. A journal entitled North Korea Review published a report that claimed rampant prostitution, human trafficking and …