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Wikipedia Banks $140,000 in Bitcoin Donations in First Week

The Wikimedia Foundation lives on donations – that’s how you can read the Wikipedia entry on World of Warcraft and not be bombarded with ads for Mountain Dew Code Red. And garnering enough donations to keep afloat hasn’t always been easy for the non-profit – a fact that can be proven by Jimmy Wales pleading face appearing every once in …

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Wikipedia Donations Can Now Be Made in Bitcoin

If you’ve been putting off donating to the Wikimedia Foundation, waiting to do so in a cryptocurrency, today’s the day. The Wikimedia Foundation, which is responsible for the internet’s largest encyclopedia, Wikipedia – as well as Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons (among others) – has just announced that it now accepts Bitcoin. This is the 13th method of donation now accepted …

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Kanye West Kills ‘Coinye’ Cryptocurrency

The creators of the cryptocurrency known as “Coinye” were officially shut down after receiving 84 court documents describing copyright violations from Kanye West’s legal team. Coinye, originally called “Coinye West”, a scrypt-based cryptocurrency that featured West’s face as its symbol, was set to be released on January 11. Though, on January 6, West’s lawyers sent the creators of Coinye West …

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This Anarchist Wants To Use Bitcoin to Crowdfund Assassins

Forbes author Andy Greenberg wrote today about an encrypted email he received from a person who called themselves Kuwabatake Sanjuro. Sanjuro claimed to have designed a Deepweb site called the Assassination Market, which apparently has the capability to “crowdfund” political assassinations in a similar manner as Kickstarter. For the technically unfamiliar, “the Deepweb” or “DarkNet” (depending on who you’re talking …

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