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Why Do You Cry? (No, Not You Specifically)

No, the question is not why do you cry. The answer to that question is probably buried far beneath a bottle of bourbon, a whole pint of ice cream, or your lack of compassion for others. No, this is simply the science behind the mechanism of crying. It’s explained by our favorite science animators, AsapSCIENCE. Go ahead, discover the mystery…

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Lindsay Lohan Cries as Letterman Brings Up Rehab

To put it mildly, Lindsay Lohan has had a rough few years. While dealing with criminal charges, arrests, probation, and rehab, her once fast-moving career has come to a screeching halt. There are signs, though, that the ginger actress is improving both her health and acting prospects. Lohan starred as Elizabeth Taylor in last year’s poorly reviewed Lifetime TV movie …

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