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Crowd-Sourced Rally Car Driver Joins Reddit on its Cross-Country Internet Freedom Tour

The Internet 2012 Bus Tour is mainly about promoting local businesses that are thriving with the help of the open internet and showing politicians that internet freedom can help create jobs. Mainly that, but it’s also about showing off what internet communities can create. Joining the Reddit tour bus on its cross-country journey is the Local Motors Rally Fighter, a …

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TED Announces TED2013 WorldWide Auditions

In an effort to broaden the scope of content and presenters at their conference next year, TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) announced that they’ll be holding public auditions throughout the world in order to put together a their first crowd-sourced program for TED2013. TED will be holding public auditions in 14 countries – Amsterdam, Bangalore, Doha, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New …

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West Memphis Three Freed, Twitter, Internet Erupts

The case of the West Memphis Three was made famous by the HBO documentary, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills have been set free from the Arkansas prison system that had been holding them since 1993. The controversy surrounding the incarceration of the Arkansas youths, who became known as the “West Memphis Three,” has made the story …

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The Power of The Internet Brings Us The People of Burning Man

Be it crowd funding or crowdsourcing or anything else of a successful viral nature, the Internet is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to organizing a movement or getting like-minded individuals together for a common cause and/or purpose. The idea behind crowd sourcing/funding is quite simple. Because of the connectivity of the Internet, organizing group efforts for projects is …

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Internet Presents Collaborative Inauguration Speech

It’s too early to lock down the potential (or failures) of crowd-sourcing. Where Wikipedia, the 4th most visited resource on the Internet, logs incredible, meteoric success, and where the politicization inherent to mob rule has dragged down the populist ideals of and others, the collaborative spirit continues to be tested and modified.

In America, as on the Internet.

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