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Mario Batali Purchases 200 Pairs of Crocs

I guess orange is the new orange, or at least something like that, according to Mario Batali’s most recent purchase of 200 bright orange Crocs. While the love of Crocs is understandable, the love of orange Crocs takes on a new meaning for Batali who claims that the color in this specific hue is the “Batali family national color” as …

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The Savvy PR Of Crocs

Living in Boulder, Colorado, I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and startups, but we don’t have a lot of national brands based in our small town. There are two that you’ve heard of, however: Celestial Seasonings and Crocs.

The former makes tea. Really good tea. The latter? They make those ubiquitous rubber shoes with the holes punched in ’em, and a whole lot more.

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Are Search, Web Traffic, Indicators Of Offline Value?

I was out of the country when Heelys hit the scene, so learning about them later, as a novelty shoe line that reminded me of the KangaRoos I wore when I was five, was more of a mental pop culture note than a personal world-changing one. Had I been ten when they became popular, they likely would have shared Reebok Pump status in my personal must-have shoe history.

Then again, I also hadn’t noticed the rise of Uggs and Crocs, either; the thigh-high black boots traversing Japan’s rail system I found a dozen levels more interesting, but for entirely separate reasons.

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