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Snake Eating Croc: Ultimate Battle

Watching a snake chomp down on a crocodile is not something one sees everyday. Australian resident Tiffany Corlis and other onlookers witnessed a five-hour long struggle between a water python and a three-foot crocodile inside Lake Moondarra. The snake ultimately swallowed the crocodile, but not before a long battle ensued. According to Corlis the whole ordeal was an amazing display …

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Crocodile Leaps at Tourists in Australian National Park [VIDEO]

Australia has a reputation for housing some of the strangest and most frightening wildlife that the good Earth has to offer. And apparently, even the cute little crocs in the country are thirsty for your blood. Ok, “cute little croc” might be a misnomer. Crocodiles are dangerous at any size – especially this fast guy who decided to go after …

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