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American Hustle Performance Divides Critics and Audiences
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American Hustle has received many SAG ,Critics’ Choice and Golden Globe nominations. Now with the movie expanding its release, everyone has an opinion on it.  The last couple of years David O’Russell became a trusted director for making buzzworthy films. Both The Fighter and Silver …

Justin Timberlake Has “Uncool” Second Half of 2013
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Justin Timberlake started 2013 with a lot of promise. His first album since 2006, The 20/20 Experience, debuted at #1 and was hailed by critics. He had a comeback show with Jay Z on the eve of the Super Bowl, …

The Lone Ranger Reviews Rip The Film A New One
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Disney’s modern-day re-imagining of the classic radio-serial-turned-television-show “The Lone Ranger” is facing a gratuitous amount of harsh feedback from critics. The film, which released in theaters on June 22, is facing criticism for being too long, riddled with incomplete and …