Criticism Articles

MCI Faces Shareholder Criticism

MCI has faced some criticism for its decision to reject an offer from Qwest communications.

U.S. Recieves Criticism From China For Textile Quotas

China has been criticizing the United States government’s textile quota plan which was made to protect American manufacturers.

Official’s Comments Hint the Gov’t Can Pay Bloggers

The fallout over Ketchumgate continues. The New York Times reports that the Department of Health and Human Services said it had hired Michael McManus …

Wal-Mart Answers Criticism with Ad Campaign

Wal-Mart launched an ad campaign to contradict accusations of discrimination in hiring and promotions and putting its smaller competitors out of business.

Criticism Is Gold

Suppose you received the following message from a reader of your newsletter. How would you handle it?

Mystery links New Web advertising tool gets results, draws criticism

After Douglas Hoppe downloaded the hot new online file-sharing program called KaZaa two weeks ago, random yellow hyperlinks began appearing on his fledgling music site.

Hoppe became hopping mad when he realized words such as “jazz” and “hip hop” had become hyperlinks, sending potential customers to the site of BMG Music, one of the world’s biggest record labels.