Knol Recieving A lot of Criticism

Knol Recieving A lot of Criticism

By Philipp Lenssen December 18, 2007

Anil Dash, blogger and Six Apart employee, argues that Google has fundamental problems with creating good editing tools because they can’t really put themselves in the mind of the end user.


O’Reilly Turns Criticism Into Civil Discourse

After the uproar caused by his proposed code of conduct for bloggers, Tim O’Reilly could have let the subject drop into the deep waters of blogospheric controversy, only to be remembered as a cautionary tale, a footnote to the history of the Web.

Google Censors China Olympics Criticism

The motto of next year’s Olympic games in China is “one world, one dream.” Online, the world is actually split up into several countries, each with their own limited view, made possible through national censorship of the web.

Resurrect Jeeves, Ask How Not To Slam Google

Here’s the thing about boldness: you’d better have the chops to back it up. While Ask.com’s anti-Google guerrilla marketing campaign in London’s Underground was outed in record time, indexing of its own campaign site was even close to a record.


Ads appearing in the Tube encouraged bystanders to fight Google’s "information monopoly."

Give Constructive Criticism Constructively

Last week I read an article that blasted Rand for an article he wrote pointing out the differences between expert and novice SEOs. While I agree with everything written in that article, I think the author could, and should, have taken a better approach.

YouTube Censors Religion Criticism?

Outspoken atheist Nick Gisburne claims that the staff of Google-owned YouTube deleted his account simply because he posted a selection of Quran quotations, among other religious criticism. In a video he released on February 8th, he states:

Sullivan Slaps Calacanis On SEO Criticism

Calling 90 percent of the SEO industry “snake oil salesmen” riled up one famed search professional; Danny Sullivan has hit back hard at Jason Calacanis for his continued attacks on SEO.

The New AAA Club: Angry AdWords Advertisers

In May 2005, a CNN article quoted Dana Todd, president of SEMPO as saying: “Google has always beenworse than bad [at customer service.]”

Novell Banks On New Microsoft Customers

The agreement between Novell and Microsoft on marketing SuSE Linux to Microsoft customers seeking a heterogenous environment of Windows and Linux servers has been bolstered by a trio of deals with financial institutions.

Microsoft, Baidu Seal Deal

Microsoft and Baidu have reached a “strategic alliance” in regards to Chinese paid search listings. According to an official statement, “Microsoft will display Baidu’s paid search listings on the search results pages of certain Microsoft websites, including MSN, Live, and other partner websites in China.”

Novell Disputes Criticism Of Microsoft Deal

The agreement between Novell and Microsoft that will have salespeople offering Windows and Linux to customers had triggered substantial criticism, to which Novell has responded.

10 Zen Monkeys Post About Nick Douglas

10 Zen Monkeys is out with a post chroniciling the latest in the Nick Douglas / Valleywag “change in employment” situation and they do a pretty good job giving us the story so far.

Google Opening Up On Click Fraud

AdWords clients will be able to view information on invalid clicks as detected by Google through an advanced option in an AdWords account; it is Google’s first significant effort to make this information more transparent to its AdWords customers.

I Like Companies That Say ‘We Suck’

I like companies and products that have the guts to say “we suck” or something close to it. It’s very un PR.

Book Search Praised From Lions Den

Google’s Book Search project got major kudos from University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman speaking from within “the lion’s den” also known as the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The AAP launched a lawsuit against Google in October 2005 alleging copyright infringement as a result of the search company’s massive book digitization project.

Lunch With Irelands .NET User Group Leader

Fun thing. Today we were at Dunne and Crscenzi. Let’s see, we’re at an Italian restaurant in Ireland

Responding to Blogging Criticism

Thanks to Robert for linking up to ProBlogger.net while I slept last night. It’s always nice to get a positive link from a larger blogger who sends an influx of new readers into your blog.