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FBI: Driverless Cars Might Be Good for Bad People

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Strategic Issues Group is worried about the possible criminal uses of all these self-driving cars that folks like Google are trying to get on our roadways. The Guardian obtained an internal FBI report, which offers up some insight into how the country’s top investigative body feels about all this autonomy. From The Guardian: In a …

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Cops Find Disgusting Cat Torture Dungeon In Texas

(Warning: This article contains descriptions of animal cruelty) In Santa Fe, Texas, a narcotics investigation that ended Friday had police finding more than what they were looking for; sub-human treatment by “humans” to animals. On Friday afternoon in the 4000 block of Avenue N1/2 in Santa Fe, police executed a warrant and raided the house of 39-year old Brian Anthony …

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Two Teenage Girls Take Selfies Before Robbery

When you’re a teenager influenced by a hubris culture, taking a picture of yourself (a “selfie” as they say) and your friend wearing ski masks and clenching knives is the only way to show how cool you are, even if it’s used against you in a court of law. Such is the case with a 17-year-old girl and her accomplice. …

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Bonnie And Clyde Miniseries Draws In Fans Across 3 Networks

Bonnie And Clyde has finally hit the small screen. The crime duo made famous by the 1967 film starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunnaway has been the inspiration for a new TV miniseries, and aired on multiple networks simultaneously in a miniseries that started last night. The miniseries has become a hit already, drawing in the long-time fans of the …

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