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Identity Theft Protection: Things You Should Know

Identity theft transpires when a third party gets your personal information, such as social security number and credit card details and uses them for fraudulent purposes. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more or less 9 million Americans experience identity theft yearly. In 2010, an estimated $3.5 billion was spent by U.S. consumers for purchasing products that specialize in identity …

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Chase Debit Card: Cash and Spending Limits Imposed

JPMorgan Chase will impose daily cash and spending limits on about 2 million debit cards due to possible fraud and data theft that occurred when customers used the cards recently at Target stores. According to a customer service notice on the Chase website, “Target reported that it experienced a data breach on debit and credit cards that its customers used …

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Target Discount Offered After Major Security Breach

After that big breach – the theft of credit and debit card data from more than 40 million of its customers,Target is scrambling to find a way to keep its customers coming back. Hackers obtained the credit and debit card numbers of millions of Target customers over the course of 19 days, beginning the day before Thanksgiving, according to Reuters. …

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