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Credit Card Protection: Why Won’t America Evolve?

There has been a lot of chatter in the United States after huge breach in security that saw Target hacked and upwards of 70 million customers compromised. In the following weeks there was a great deal of paranoia regarding whether or not to go to Target or any other store. Neiman Marcus was also hit with a major breach. Both …

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Free Credit Report Offered By Target; Avoid Phishing Scams

Target announced in mid-December that millions of customers were affected by a data breach. Hackers were able to obtain credit and debit card information, as well as names, addresses and phone numbers for some customers. Since the breach was announced, Target is working to make their system more secure and has also offered one year of a free credit report …

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Neiman Marcus Confirms Data Breach

Upscale retailer Neiman Marcus is the latest chain to announce a data breach that may put its customers at risk for credit card fraud. According to Krebs on Security – the same site that broke news of the Target data breach back in December – Neiman Marcus confirmed that it is working with the US Secret Service to investigate a …

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Target Hackers Pounced On Outdated Security System

In the aftermath of the second-largest credit card security breach in American history, new details are emerging regarding what lead to it—and why it may very well happen again. On December 19th, the retailer Target announced that upwards of 40 million credit card numbers were hacked between the period ranging from the day before Thanksgiving until about December 15th. While …

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Global Payments Security Breach Investigation Continues

The debacle over U.S. Credit Card processing company Global Payments security breach and stolen credit numbers continued yesterday with a press release from the company answering questions. Global Payments made news in late March when Krebs on Security reported as many as 10 million credit cards could have been stolen in a security breach occurring between January 21 and February …

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